Denver Walmarts testing Scan & Go

Feb. 15, 2013

Shoppers at nearly 40 Walmart stores in Denver are testing the retail giant's Scan & Go checkout app, according to a report on 7NEWS reporter Amanda Kost tried the app for herself, citing few errors with the system.

To use Scan & Go with the Walmart app, shoppers set the app to store mode, press "scan item," and use the iPhone to scan the barcodes, the article reported. The price and aisle location are then listed on screen, giving clearance to place the item in the basket or reusable shopping bags.

The process is repeated for each item, updating the subtotal on the screen. When finished, the shopper presses "done shopping," which creates a QR code on the screen and instructs the shopper to bring the cart and phone to the self-checkout.

There, a Scan & Go icon appears on the checkout monitor, prompting the customer to can scan the code on their phone. The shopping list is then transferred to the checkout screen and payment is made through the kiosk, not the phone, the article reported. 

Read more about self-checkout.

Topics: Customer Experience , Interactive / Touchscreen , Mobile , Self-Checkout

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