C. Wonder stores take POS mobile

Jan. 19, 2012

Customers are no longer at the mercy of traditional cash register lines in the new C. Wonder brand of women's retail stores introduced last fall. Instead, C. Wonder sales associates are able to assist shoppers with checkout anywhere in the store using an iPod Touch. This retail deployment of mobile-only checkout is the result of a customized mobile point of sale (mPOS) solution from VeriFone Systems Inc. that decreases wait lines and eliminates cumbersome POS software and costly cash registers. C. Wonder's storewide mPOS execution expedites payment transactions and advances shopping to a new level of personal service, the companies said in a press release.

Founded by investor and entrepreneur J. Christopher Burch, C. Wonder opened its flagship Manhattan store in October 2011, followed by three additional stores in New York and New Jersey with plans to expand in another 15 locations by the end of 2012. VeriFone's GlobalBay solution is designed for seamless activation of mPOS at every new store.

"C. Wonder is applying technology solutions to redefine 21st century retail, including the unexpected benefit of not waiting in a long line at a traditional cash register," said Mattias Douhan, vice president of IT for C. Wonder. "Mobile point of sale frees up associates to assist shoppers at any place in the store where they are inspired to make a purchase."

The mobile retail solution is also cost-effective because stores of this size typically rely on three to four fixed registers, but C. Wonder has deployed 15-20 Apple iPod Touch devices per store, each equipped with VeriFone's PAYware Mobile Enterprise, increasing the points of payment and the volume of payment transactions. This represents a savings on hardware and expands selling space that would otherwise be occupied by registers.

An associate uses an Apple iPod Touch running the VeriFone GlobalBay app and equipped with VeriFone's PCI-approved PAYware Mobile Enterprise, which accepts card swipes, instantly encrypts the data and also enables quick and efficient barcode scanning.

By hosting an entirely mobile POS sales floor, C. Wonder avoided the traditional POS software that retailers deploy and instead integrated directly to a custom ERP system modified from the Jeeves Universal flexible standard ERP solution. This approach provides real-time information for management through C. Wonder's centrally-hosted ERP system as associates assist customers anywhere in the store.

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