Brightbox mobile charging lets users juice up on the go

Dec. 21, 2012

Mobile phone charging stations are becoming an attractive option to both business owners and the millions of smartphone owners around the world. Many charging stations are designed to engage, advertise to or entertain the users while they wait for their phones to juice up, but one recent addition to the market allows users to lock up their device instead, freeing them to shop, eat or drink.

The Brightbox kiosk, founded in 2011 by former bartender Adam Johnson, is touted as a secure mobile charging station that is currently in about 100 locations, mostly in Manhattan and the greater New York City area. Users swipe a credit card to open a compartment where three power adaptors can plug up to 95 percent of mobile phones. Once the phone is plugged in and charging and the door is closed, it remains locked until the user returns and swipes the same credit card again. The cost is a flat fee of $2.95.

But Brightbox said it's in discussions with businesses in order to expand the kiosk's footprint, with plans to to launch iOS and Android apps that will help users find the location of the nearest kiosk. Current customers include Andaz Hotels by Hyatt, InternetWeek, FashionWeek, Live Nation, New York Health and Racquet Club, EMM Group, Dream New York and Apella at Alexandria Center.

Watch the video below for a look at the kiosk:


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