Biometrics makes tanning quick, easy at NY salon

March 19, 2012

Customers of Zoom Tan, a tanning salon chain in New York and Florida, can pay for sessions and sign in with a touch of a finger now that the salon has integrated DigitalPersona's U.are.U Fingerprint Readers into the company's customer- and employee-facing ZoomPay software.

With ZoomPay, a biometrically-enabled software application that enables customers to keep their card information safely on file and purchase products with the touch of their finger, salon members can use their fingerprints to sign-in for tanning sessions and to make purchases without having their credit cards or membership information with them, according to a company press release. Employees also use ZoomPay to clock in quickly and reliably. By adding DigitalPersona biometric technology, Zoom Tan has reduced fraud, increased revenue and provided members with a better customer experience, Scott Bogdan, director of operations at Zoom Tan, said in the release.

"Our members love being able to make purchases without the burden of carrying around cash and credit cards. DigitalPersona's technology was incredibly easy to integrate into our application," he said.

In addition to enabling more purchases by members, biometrics also significantly reduced fraud at Zoom Tan salons. Members were knowingly and unknowingly sharing their membership information with friends and relatives. Now, with fingerprint biometrics, only properly registered members can sign-in for tanning sessions, Bogdan said. In addition, Zoom Tan adopted biometrics for employee time and attendance management. This has enabled employees to accurately get credit for their shifts while preventing them from fraudulently clocking co-workers in and out.

"The retail industry is constantly striving to increase customers' spending and reduce operating costs," said Jim Fulton, vice president of DigitalPersona. "By combining DigitalPersona's biometrics with their own custom and commercial applications, retailers such as Zoom Tan can quickly and easily address these issues by boosting revenue through customer convenience, preventing fraud and making operations more efficient."

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