Amazon, Blockbuster, Walmart adding Video-On-Demand apps

Nov. 4, 2010

Two postings this week from a technology blog indicate how quickly large retailers are offering video-on-demand, a service that directly competes with kiosk industry leaders like redbox.

Blockbuster announced that a number of Blu-ray players and consumer tech firms would include its video-on-demand service, according to MYCE.

Blockbuster's VOD service is available on about 100 different consumer products, including the Blu-ray players Integra DBS-30.2, Integra DBS-50.2, Magnavox MB 5130 and Onkyo BD-SP808.

Blockbuster, a licensing partner with NCR Corp. in 7,000 DVD-rental kiosks, declared bankruptcy in September, largely due to competition from redbox and the Netflix DVD-subscription service.

Amazon and Walmart are both aggressively getting into the VOD space. Amazon is building its Disc+ program, where customers can choose among 10,000 films to purchase as a physical DVD or Blu-ray and also instantly receive a downloadable copy, MYCE reports.

Walmart's Vudu streaming service has teamed with Disney to offer the studio's "Toy Story 3" Special Edition in a combination DVD or Blu-ray and VOD. Consumers that buy the physical DVD or Blu-ray from Walmart will be able to see the film via VOD on Vudu.

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