Allpay teams with Wincor Nixdorf to offer kiosks in the U.K. public sector

Aug. 11, 2010
Innovative self-service payment kiosks will help public sector organizations cuts costs, increase efficiency and improve overall service, according to allpay, a public sector payment firm in the United Kingdom.
Allpay announced it is working with Wincor Nixdorf, provider of IT solutions and services to retailers and retail banks, to offer improved payment solutions to public sector organizations.
The move comes in the wake of significant public sector funding cuts which will see departments facing, on average, cuts of around 25 percent over the next four years. In an effort to help its public sector customers ensure the cuts do not affect service, allpay has worked with Wincor Nixdorf to design a range of payment and information kiosks.
These systems will make transactions, such as council tax payments, easier and more efficient to process. Rather than queuing to speak with a local council employee, the customer will now use a convenient self-service kiosk to find information and make payments. The council itself can in turn concentrate on offering in-depth advice to those who need it rather than dealing with admin-heavy processes.
John Ennis at Wincor Nixdorf commented: "With the recent public sector funding cuts, the pressure really is on to become more efficient and to ensure that revenues generated by the council are being used effectively. To provide the best service, local councils need staff who are experienced and able to provide good advice to the public. However, these employees must to be given the time to do this. Right now, too many staff are bogged down handing basic payments that could so easily be done electronically. Putting these kiosks in place will provide an invaluable resource to local councils, helping them deliver the best service under the toughest circumstances." 
Allpay has a proven track record in helping the public sector save money and improve efficiency, and currently works with over 750 local authorities and housing associations throughout the U.K. to improve payments services. This partnership puts the company in a great position to meet this growing demand – offering innovative technology to public sector organizations across the country.

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