Neiman Marcus to deploy cell phone charging kiosks

Neiman Marcus has announced plans to deploy 37 ChargeItSpot phone charging kiosks across 30 locations. The kiosks will allow users to charge their phones in a secure locker while they shop, according to a press release. The store-branded kiosks feature eight lockers for cell phone  charging.

Ice cream vending comes to NRA

Stoelting Foodservice is showing its AutoVend ice cream vending kiosk at the National Restaurant Association Show May 21–24 in Chicago. The machine is a recipient of the 2016 NRA Kitchen Innovations Award, according to a press release. The AutoVend features...

TD Bank shuts down coin kiosks due to exposé

TD Bank has announced that it will retire its coin counting kiosk, the Penny Arcade. The decision comes as the result of a TV news story in February that said the bank's kiosks did not count coins accurately, according to...

Game Box to sell and rent video games

World Patent Marketing has announced the launch of Game Box, a vending machine designed to sell or rent video game discs. Gamers will be able to select games for a variety of consoles, and companies can customize the Game Box...

Virginia kiosks accept child support payments

Virginia residents now have a new way to make child support payments. The Division of Child Support Enforcement has finished rolling out payment kiosks at all 20 of its offices, according to a report by CBS 19. The TouchPay kiosks are enabled for credit, debit or cash transactions.

Kiosk component kills bacteria on touchscreens

Connected Technology Solutions recently won the 2016 I.Q. Innovation Award for its CleanTouch solution.

Interactive kiosk market to grow 9.2 percent by 2020

The kiosk market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9.2 percent between 2015 and 2020 and will be worth $73.35 billion by 2020, according to a report by Report Buyer. According to the report, demand...

Health vending kiosks deployed in 127 locations

Grow Healthy Vending has announced it has deployed its vending kiosks in 127 locations. The company has focused specifically on providing healthy snacks to schools and army bases, according to a press release. Grow Healthy has been working to offer items that meet the criteria of the Smart Snacks in School program.

Washington hospital to deploy telemedicine kiosks

CHI Franciscan Health System in Tacoma, Washington, plans to deploy telemedicine kiosks at one of its urgent care centers. Patients can use the kiosks to access virtual urgent care for a flat fee of $35, according to a report by...

Grassfish certifies AOPEN eTILE display, Digital Engine DE3250 media player

AOPEN's eTILE and Digital Engine DE3250 have been certified by digital signage software company Grassfish, according to a press release from AOPEN. AOPEN specializes in small form factor computing and touch display technology for digital signage, kiosks and point-of-sale systems.

Graeter's Ice Cream serves up POS systems

Graeter's Ice Cream has completed deployment of ParTech Inc. point-of-sale terminals, software and loyalty programs at its 37 retail locations.

3D printing kiosks turn kids into superheroes

3DplusMe is helping to keep childhood dreams alive by allowing children to create 3D-printed action figures with their faces on the figures. The company has deployed its 3D printing kiosks at 24 Target locations in the greater Los Angeles area, according to a report by 3DPrint. The figures cost $34.95 each.

Counseling center to roll out mental health kiosk

The Center for Counseling & Consultation plans to deploy its new mental health screening tablet kiosks in Great Bend, Kansas, on May 20. Users can take a test on the kiosk to screen for generalized anxiety, bipolar disorder, eating disorders...

Healthy vending kiosk is designed to aid employee wellness programs

According to a recent Forbes report, 80 percent of U.S. employers are offering wellness programs and leads to an average ROI of $3 for every dollar spent.

Wendy's to deploy self-ordering kiosks

Wendy's is planning to deploy self-service kiosks to take customer orders at its restaurants. According to a report by Investor's Business Daily, the program will be voluntary for franchisees, who own the bulk of Wendy's restaurants. The company said that...

Meridian deploys kiosks for Kansas City 'smart city' initiative

Meridian recently deployed interactive kiosks in Kansas City as part of a smart city initiative. The kiosks are designed to provide information about streetcars, city services and various tourist attractions, according to a press release. Kiosk users can look up...

Phone charging kiosks keep concert attendees charged

Phone-charging kiosk company ChargeItSpot recently expanded its partnership with mall owner Preit to deliver its kiosk solution to the Mann Center for the Performing Arts music festival. Preit is a sponsor of the music festival and will feature its brand...

Kansas City kiosk update leaves desktop open for solitaire game

An interactive kiosk in Kansas City, Missouri, got overly interactive when a group was able to bypass the kiosk software and start playing solitaire. The group was able to swipe away streetcar information on the screen and access a regular Ubuntu desktop.

KioWare launches Windows kiosk software with Chrome 49 support

KioWare has announced the launch of Version 8.5 of KioWare for Windows. This release supports RFID scanners, flatbed scanners, Watchport devices and system battery monitors, according to a press release. The  version is designed to run on the Chromium Browser Engine and it supports Chrome 49.

Versatile Credit delivers credit kiosks to Aamco

Versatile Credit has teamed up with the car care company Aamco Franchise, to deliver its retail credit solution to the company. Versatile Credit deploys kiosks to allow customers to apply for retail credit, according to a press release. Aamco customers will be able to use a Versatile Credit kiosk to apply for a loan for their repair services.

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