Michael Rigato / Michael Rigato has been involved in self service solutions for over 10 years, beginning with digital photo kiosks to now DVD kiosks. Michael manages all design aspects of Signifi Solutions modular DVD kiosk and always strives to be ahead of the curve.

The Bluetooth ad: Press 'accept'

Now that more users are enabling hands-free tech on their phones, new ad opportunities are opening.

People, the world is not flat

Many people use blogs as forums to get the word out on a multitude of things. Some write blogs because they love to write, while some have other motives.

Buy a large box of “Orville Redenbacher’s” popcorn and get a free DVD rental

Is there another opportunity for DVD kiosks other than just renting DVD’s? Advertisers are always looking for a captured audience for their promotions. This gives the DVD rental kiosks a distinct advantage over other kiosk models. They have repeat customers...

Why is Blu-ray important to the kiosk business?

When am I going to be able to press a button on my temple and get a movie to start playing in my head?  Don’t laugh, it’s probably under development!  But hold on a minute. Weren’t digital downloads overtaking DVD sales, like ...

One Billion DVD rentals served! This is the new McDonald's

In a word, WOW!  Can you imagine a company coming out of nowhere revolutionizing the DVD rental market? Well, it's happened. Redbox has rented 1 billion DVDs.

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