TIO Networks Corp.

TIO has given participating retailers a great self-service terminal to:

  • Increase revenue by offering new services at the store such as bill payment, money transfer, check cashing, and more...
  • Remove some of the services from behind the counter such as money order and prepaid to help with till congestion at peak times improving speed of transaction.
  • Better serve the customer by offering a choice of language, mode of payment, and privacy at the terminal.

Key Distributor TIO Assets

  • To become a TIO ISO is to own a part of the rapidly growing TIO network and earn transactional income by serving "cash preferred" customers with bill payment and other financial services through self-service paystations and advanced function ATMs.
  • Enabling 8-10 revenue streams on a per paystation basis.
  • Providing your merchants the ability to offer their consumers valuable "real-time" bill payments as opposed to payments that take 2-3 days to be processed.
  • Leveraging TIO's national retail footprint and direct biller relationships within your geographical area.
  • Utilizing TIO's powerful diagnostic capabilites to keep support costs down and enhance ROI.

Products and Services

Self-Service Terminals - The Distributor TIO Opportunity

Enhance your existing ATM network by tapping into this growing "cash preferred" consumer market. Learn more »

Self-Service Terminals - How Does TIO Work?

ONE NETWORK of self-service terminals (kiosks) fully supported. Learn more »

Self-Service Terminals - Biller Benefits

C-Store Paystation Bill Payment Kiosk Network Costs managed by TIO Networks cost you NOTHING. Learn more »

Self-Service Terminals - Customer Service

A welcoming environment with real time bill payment posting and multiple language capabilities. Learn more »

Self-Service Terminals - How Does TIO Work for Billers?

The TIO self-service terminal network facilitates cash-based bill payment and financial services transactions for wireless, utility, cable, retail and independent application service providers. Learn more »
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