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TIO is the leading multi-channel expedited bill payment processor serving the largest Telecom, Wireless, Cable and Utility bill issuers in North America.  With over 70,000 endpoints to its processing network, TIO symbolizes fast, convenient and secure access to expedited payment services.

TIO establishes and expands its relationships with major service providers in the wireless, utility, cable and other billers and service providers. TIO integrates its Transaction Processing System to the accounting back-office of its billers which allows billers to post payments made by the billers' customers accurately and expeditiously to the appropriate customer accounts.  Once integrated with a biller, TIO is able to offer to the billers' customers the ability to pay their accounts using the TIO Network which features multiple access points (e.g. self-service kiosks, POS (Point-of-Sale)/clerk-assisted locations, smartphone applications, etc.)

For more information, please visit www.TIONetworks.com.

Products and Services

Self-Service Terminals - The Retailer TIO Opportunity

TIO is North America's fastest growing network of self-service terminals serving a rapidly growing US "cash-preferred" population. Learn more »

Self-Service Terminals - The Distributor TIO Opportunity

Enhance your existing ATM network by tapping into this growing "cash preferred" consumer market. Learn more »

Self-Service Terminals - How Does TIO Work?

ONE NETWORK of self-service terminals (kiosks) fully supported. Learn more »

Self-Service Terminals - Biller Benefits

C-Store Paystation Bill Payment Kiosk Network Costs managed by TIO Networks cost you NOTHING. Learn more »

Self-Service Terminals - Customer Service

A welcoming environment with real time bill payment posting and multiple language capabilities. Learn more »

Self-Service Terminals - How Does TIO Work for Billers?

The TIO self-service terminal network facilitates cash-based bill payment and financial services transactions for wireless, utility, cable, retail and independent application service providers. Learn more »
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