The new printer has the same footprint, but now uses a newly designed print head to provide double the print speed and print head wear life.

Key features include additional network connectivity options so users can easily integrate through USB, network, serial, parallel and Ethernet connectivity. These key interfaces provide more flexibility for use in legacy applications.

The new Stealth MTP 2833 high speed printer has a 2-inch (58 - 60 MM) paper width, and utilizes a faster Fujitsu printer mechanism that has print speed up to 8 inches per sec and 200 dots/mm resolution.  It features a         6" (152.4 mm) diameter paper supply that yields approximately 550 feet (169 m) of output allowing for maximum integration flexibility.  Options include; no paper spindle for fan fold paper applications.

To allow use in extreme temperatures, the printer was designed to have an operating temperature range of            – 25 to +70 degrees C, solving a key challenge with thermal printing in terms of creating consistent images in cold environments.

Products and Services

TELPAR High Speed Thermal Printer

Telpar Stealth MTP2832 3 inch thermal printer - This new 3 inch printer prints up to 8 inches per second and has USB , Network, Serial and Parallel connectivity options that allow for even easier integration and increased productivity in a wider range of self service and kiosk printer applications. Learn more »

Modular Thermal Printer - TELPAR Stealth MTP 2200

Series 2", 3" & 4" with or without presenter-Modular Thermal Printers Learn more »

Modular Thermal Printer - TELPAR Mercury MTP 1500 Series

3" High Speed, Compact Modular Thermal Printers...Powered by EPSON Learn more »

Thermal Kiosk Printer - TELPAR SP 2021 Series

8 1/2" (A4) 200 dpi Thermal Kiosk Printer Learn more »

Thermal Kiosk Printers - EPSON EU-T400/T500 Series

203 DPI / High Speed Thermal Kiosk Printers Learn more »
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