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Nidec Sankyo has been an industry leader in card solutions for over 30 years. Our commitment to quality, reliability, and expertise has shaped our technologies to match the needs of an ever-changing market place.

Through our close association with customers the world over, Sankyo card solutions have helped set the standards in many applications including ATM's, POS terminals, kiosk terminals, and other financial terminals. Nidec Sankyo offers a complete line of motorized and manual card readers including contact and contactless chip card solutions. We also offer many options in gift or loyalty card reader/dispensers.

Nidec Sankyo is ready to take the next step forward. We lead the advancement in development and design of magnetic heads, motors, and core components. Our applications are growing to cover security and ID applications. New designs emphasizing reliability and security are built-in to each of our passport and ID card applications.

We can adapt our technology to suit the customer's goal and create real value in the end product. We seek to internalize this philosophy of innovation with our company slogan, "All for Dreams"

If you need a reliable product with the latest capabilities, remember the leader in the industry, Nidec Sankyo.

Products and Services

Motorized Card Reader & ID Verification

The IST220 is a product that provides dual side ID scanning at 600 DPI for all ID-1 sized cards.  Learn more »

Motorized Card Reader

The ICT3K7 is a motorized card reader that will read all three magnetic tracks as well as read & write IC cards allowing for the smallest footprint possible. Learn more »

Motorized Card Reader & Card Encoder

The ICT3Q8 is a low profile type card reader with high reliability and durability. It supports a special mechanism for warped card handling allowing more than 1,000,000 passes in its life span. Learn more »

BUS Powered Card Reader

The ICM370 Series is a BUS Powered Hybrid Dip Reader that provides a secure, reliable and economic interface for magnetic and IC card reading. Learn more »

PCI 3 Card Reader

The PCI Version 3 is a Secure Hybrid DIP Card Reader (PCI PTS POI version 3.1 approved), which features high security for unattended payment terminals. Learn more »

Gaming Card Reader

The MCM252-2R3390 is a lighted bezel USB Magnetic Card Reader that is designed for gaming, player loyalty, player tracking applications as well as kiosk applications for redemption and status indication to customers.  Learn more »

NFC Card Reader

The UNO reader is a unique, ultra-compact certified NFC reader that is designed for payment and mass transit applications. Learn more »

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