MokiTouchexclusively enables you to create a safe, secure and engaging iPad or Android tablet kiosk with remote management through a central web-based dashboard.

MokiTouch gives you control over the complete browsing experience, from the navigational elements, to the style and even user data. You can use any web-based content to connect and engage with your customers.

When paired with Moki Manager you can remotely manage MokiTouch kiosk settings and the iPad itself in a web-based console. You can manage individual kiosks or entire groups. You can also limit the apps on the iPad, push wifi settings and push updates to MokiTouch all through Manager

Key Features include: 

- Show/Hide Navigation buttons

- Show/Hide URL Address

- Enable/Disable Touch (it can be digital signage, too!)

- Enable open internet browsing

- Website whitelist, to restrict browsing to approved websites

- Automatic Content Caching

- Custom Buttons, quick links to any site or page you define

- Clear private data automatically and with a user-facing button

- Show/Hide Print button

- Custom theme coloring

- Remote management for all kiosk settings through MokiManage

- Integrated Credit Card Swipe

- Lock the iPad Home Button

- Remotely Reboot Android Tablets

- Schedule the screen to turn on and off

- Role-based access to the management console and kiosk settings


Customers using MokiTouch on any iOS or Android tablet device are:

-      Collecting Surveys

-      Collecting Customer Feedback

-      Displaying Product Information

-      Internet Browsing Kiosk

-      Conference Room Schedules

-      Daily Soup Board

-      Customer Loyalty Kiosk

-      Retail Point-of-Sale

-      Event Signage

-      ...What do you want to use it for?

MokiTouch is the only tablet kiosk app that provides remote management to provide a safe, secure and reliable way to use the iPad and Android tablets as kiosks and digital signage.

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