meridian kiosks HospitalityOur self-service kiosks can help your organization go the extra mile for customers, by providing them with personalized services and products to enhance their experience.

Our kiosks are as flexible as your approach to customer service. No matter how extreme the request, we’ve always been able to deliver the right solution to the most exacting of requirements. With the integration of printers, scanners, payment devices, proximity sensors and touchscreen technology, our units are able to streamline the entire customer experience. No service charge required!

Our award-winning mzero software offers the ability provide an enhanced range of services by developing user-interface applications on our secure and remote managed platform. By providing event information, wayfinding, order entry, self check in and check out — all in multiple languages — you can provide your customer with their very own virtual concierge service.

Benefits & ROI

  • Enhanced customer service – reduced lines and wait time

  • 24×7 operation

  • Extends and promotes corporate brand

  • Reduced transaction time

  • Ability to showcase special promotions

  • Optional advertising capability

  • ADA compliant designs

Products and Services

Financial and Payment Kiosks

Have you ever been stuck in line behind someone who seems to be counting $1,000 worth of pennies? Or the person who insists on explaining the intricacies of a particular transaction to a rather bored-looking teller? Learn more »

Government Kiosks

As more and more people require local accessibility to government services, a deployment of self-service kiosks can help bridge the gap between expectations and reality. Whether in the higher education field, federal, state, or local government, we have solutions to help. Learn more »

Healthcare Solutions

Help remove the administration burden from healthcare professionals, facilitating more direct patient care with our award-winning range of healthcare kiosks. Learn more »

Retail Kiosks

Is there anything more frustrating than telling your customer that the product they requested is unavailable in your store? Learn more »

Travel and Tourism Kiosks

From museums to motocross – exploring your city has never been easier. Meridian kiosk solutions are designed to be low-maintenance and cost-effective so you can focus on what really matters – promoting your area. Learn more »

Custom Self-service Solutions by Meridian DesignWorks

Let our designers create solutions that help you address your market and customer needs and refine how the device will fit into your current business processes, ensuring a seamless and successful deployment. Learn more »

Self-Service Software Solutions

The mzero software suite is a compilation of award-winning software tools that keep your device safe and fully-functioning, giving you a peace of mind about your self-service deployment. Learn more »

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