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Livewire is known for bringing custom solutions and award-winning kioskLivewire Button and ATM technologies to the market with great speed and efficiency thanks to our open, secure and extremely cost-efficient content network. Livewire enables the growth of a new generation of self-service, valued document delivery systems that will help generate revenue faster and easier than ever by connecting providers and retail locations in any environment.

Livewire provides self-service solutions for your: Tickets – Gift Cards – eConcierge – Pay-For-Use Internet – Check In/Check Out – Registries – Catalogs – Human Resources – eLibrary – Food Ordering and more.

Utilizing a full suite of distribution channels including self-service kiosks, ATMs, Cashier WorkStations, or Wireless Hand-Held Devices, Livewire makes it possible to share information, automate ticket sales, and bring e-commerce solutions directly to the consumer. Whether you're looking at a single in-store delivery system, or an elaborate end-to-end solution for an entire self-service network, Livewire gives you the power to connect.

With Livewire you get:

  • Immediate revenue from the sale and delivery of valued documents (tickets, gift cards/certificates, pre-paid cards and more)
  • Additional revenue streams through transaction commissions
  • A single integration point to multiple content distribution channels
  • Fast and cost-efficient multi-channel deployment of profitable self-service applications
  • Custom Livewire software tools residing on the network to help manage, control and update your applications remotely via standard internet connections

Self-service applications you can have up and running in no time

  • Automated Ticketing (ask about our award-winning applications)
  • Gift Cards, Certificates, Pre-Paid Cards
  • Registries and Catalogs
  • Human Resources
  • eConcierge
  • Check In/Check Out
  • Pay-For-Use Internet

Custom-Tailored Service and Support

  • Complete ASP Control
  • High-Speed Automated Content
  • Content Management (collection, monitoring, maintenance)
  • Systems Aggregation, Management, and Design
  • Custom Application, Navigation and Graphic Design
  • System Configuration, Deployment and Installation
  • Payment Processing for Credit, Debit and Cash Acceptance
  • Web-based Reporting
  • Software Development and more

Discover all the ways Livewire can help increase the value and build revenue for your self-service applications. Call 877.595.4675 or e-mail ( and get the power to connect.

Products and Services

Automated Ticketing*

Get in on one of the fastest growing and most profitable applications in the self-service industry.? Learn more »

Gift Cards / Certificates / Pre-Paid Cards

Fast and easy impulse purchases can generate big profits. Here's how to make sure you get a piece of the action. Learn more »

Human Resources

Give your entire organization fast and secure access to all the information they need.? Learn more »

Pay-For-Use Internet

Drive customers to your location and create additional revenue for your business.? Learn more »

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