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The KioWare Full for Android™ product has two components: an Android client and a server console. The Android client runs on the Android OS and secures each individual tablet. The server console runs on the Windows OS and allows you to centrally monitor multiple Android tablets.

Android Client Features:

Protect the Home Screen/Launcher – restricts user access from the OS and Home Screen

Browser Lockdown – limits the websites users can access through allow or revoke lists

Limit Android Apps – allows you to control which Android Apps a user can run

Application Resetting – clears the previous user session, including cookies and cache, and returns to the start page after a specified period of idle time 

Server Console Feature:

Remote Monitoring – tracks current machine health of multiple devices from a central location

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Products and Services

KioWare Lite - Kiosk Mode Software

KioWare Lite provides vital lockdown security for browser-based applications, restricting users from accessing the Windows OS and desktop, and allowing customization to limit Internet access. Learn more »

KioWare Full with Server – Kiosk Software

KioWare Full with Server provides browser, OS (Windows) and desktop lockdown for the kiosk client side license, while the server side license allows you to maintain communication with your kiosks from a central server.  Learn more »

KioWare Kiosk Basic – Kiosk Mode Software

KioWare Kiosk Basic has all of the lockdown browser features of KioWare Lite, plus support for second monitors, external and input devices, and user phone dialing. Learn more »

KioWare Browser – Browser Lockdown Software

KioWare Browser Software is a secure browser that is used to replace your current browser. While KioWare Browser limits Internet access, it allows full access to the desktop and Windows OS.  Learn more »

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