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Shrinking federal, state and local budgets have forced many government offices to develop automated solutions for repetitive service offerings. KIOSK offers a host of self-serve government kiosks that provide proven, cost-effective delivery for most mainstream transactions.

Department of Corrections Kiosks

  •  A range of KIOSK Corrections kiosk solutions have been developed to efficiently manage prison bank accounts, commissary purchases, parole check-in, even requests for medicines and medical attention.  Video visitation kiosks are quickly becoming commonplace to reduce overhead tied to inmate visit staffing.
  • State and private sector inmate / prison kiosk applications provide lasting budget relief, reducing funding demand for case workers and corrections institution employees.  
  •  Full up-front funding and operation model scenarios have greatly accelerated the popularity of kiosks in the corrections market, facilitating revenue, safety, and service improvements.

Department of Motor Vehicles / DMV Kiosks

  • KIOSK automates high demand functions including vehicle registration, license renewal, replacement titles & registrations, driver’s license testing - up to 18 DMV features available today.
  • DMV self-service platforms dramatically improve patron service, reduce transaction processing costs, and accelerate DMV revenue recognition.  Full-featured DMV kiosks offer flexible payment options to service both banked and cash-preferred users. 
  • Available turnkey solutions can be funded and operated on a “fee-per-transaction” basis, eliminating investment barriers of automation. 

Local Government Kiosk

  • City / municipal offices provide turnkey kiosks that automate self-service bill payment transactions.  Users pay routine bills conveniently and quickly, reducing customer wait times and improving staff efficiencies. 
  • Flexible payment options (credit / debit / cash / check) coupled with multiple language capability extend use to wider range of banked and unbanked customers. Additionally, multi-biller options included in the solution support accelerated ROI.
  • Additional Local Government Kiosk Applications include: library automation, State Registrar self-service, court scheduling automation, local licensing services (pet, hunting, permits, etc.)

University Kiosks

  • Automated registration, financial aid information, course catalogs, directories, way finding, academic & athletic event calendars, student ID validation, and other valuable applications can significantly relieve staffing budgets and assist with campus flow during spiked demand cycles (registration, parent weekends, athletic events, etc.). 

Travel & Tourism Kiosks

  • Automating schedule and route information, as well as ticket / token distribution can significantly reduce transaction and staffing costs.
  • Additional applications include information and ticketing kiosks for city / state tourist attractions and conservation efforts.

GSA Kiosk Solutions

KIOSK’s long-term preferred solution partner for GSA Federal clients is DynaTouch Informed Technologies.  With 500+ successful projects and kiosk systems at nearly 75% of all US military installations worldwide, DynaTouch has long been the leading supplier of point-of-information kiosks to the Department of Defense.

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To learn more, please visit KIOSK’s Government Market Solutions Page.

Products and Services

Bill Payment Kiosks

KIOSK’s Financial Kiosk portfolio provides full-feature in-Store Bill Payment and money transfer services with licensable Bill Payment Software solutions.  Customizable solutions provide valued services for cash-preferred customers; improving store revenues, labor efficiencies and reduced transaction costs. Learn more »

Retail Kiosks

Self-service delivery has become an integral part of long-term retail strategy. KIOSK has a full array of in-store kiosks that enhance revenue, loyalty, cost control, and enhance the customer experience. Learn more »

Human Resources Kiosks

KIOSK provides numerous HR applications that improve the services extended to disconnected employees, enhance cost control, and reduce administration costs.   Learn more »

Green Kiosks

KIOSK delivers innovative custom design engineering and alternative component integration resulting in eco-friendly kiosks that benefit both the environment and the deployers’ ROI. Learn more »

Gaming Kiosks

KIOSK has a wide range of self-service gaming solutions which substantially reduce operating costs, increase casino revenues, and enhance player loyalty.   Learn more »

Healthcare Kiosks

KIOSK has a variety of technologically advanced healthcare kiosk solutions that add patien­t convenience and safety, while reducing bad debt and administrative costs. Learn more »

Airport Security Kiosks

KIOSK’s sophisticated custom design and biometric integration expertise support the most successful and widely deployed Customs Kiosk, US Airport Security & ABC / Automated Border Control Kiosks.   Learn more »
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