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Succeeding with Millennials at Retail

A generational passing of the baton is underway that will increasingly force retailers and brands to respond to consumers in new ways. A comprehensive understanding of Millennials is foundational for marketers and retailers.

Using Tablets to Transform Retail Experience

Tablets have been touted as "reinventing" and "revolutionizing" retail. Retailers and consumer-facing businesses have been testing the use of tablets to gain operational and marketing advantages. Download Frank Mayer's white paper to learn more about how to use Tablets to Transform Retail Experience.

5 Steps to Personalizing the In-Store Experience

Facing fierce competition and high operating expenses, today’s retailers must develop new strategies for attracting consumers and building brand recognition. Frank Mayer and Retail TouchPoint's white paper 5 Steps to Personalizing the In-Store Experience.

Planning for a Tablet Display - Designing for Success

Businesses have been both exhilarated and challenged by the rapid adoption of tablets by consumers. Tablets promise to extend connectivity to settings where it may not have been practical before and provide a fresh way for consumers to engage.

Thwart Shoplifters with Theft Deterrent In-Store Merchandising

Retailers in North America lost $45.3 billion to shoplifting in 2011 as reported in The Global Retail Theft Barometer 2011 (GRTB). This paper focuses on the role that in-store merchandising can play in the fight to protect retail assets.

Is it iPad or Something Else?

Tablets are becoming increasingly popular for both consumer and business use. Many marketers are asking which tablet is right for retail and other consumer facing businesses. This paper explores this question in enough depth that potential deployers will understand which issues to weigh on the path to decision?making.

Frank Mayer and Associates - Kiosk & Interactive Marketing Capabilities

Frank Mayer and Associates - KIOSK and INTERACTIVE MARKETING Capabilities brochure

Budgeting for your interactive project

Are you thinking of initiating a kiosk or interactive merchandising program? In order to achieve appropriate budget parameters, you must set clearly defined goals. The purpose of this paper is to give all parties a framework to think about the important first steps.

Keeping Service Customers Satisfied in a Social Mobile World

This paper looks at service scenarios from the customer continuum where satisfaction research has resulted in meaningful improvements to customer experience. Service delivery bears closer scrutiny in an altered environment where the customer has more control and more tools to...

Self-Service in Health Care

Health care organizations are increasingly seeking to cut costs, and kiosks are becoming a part of that effort. Learn how kiosks can streamline the patient experience, being used for everything from wayfinding to patient check-in to vendor management.

Many Happy Returns … A Return On Merchandising Investment Model

How many marketing, merchandising, and product managers are faced with these kinds of marching orders on almost a daily basis? With more than 35 years in the business, I can tell you this happens more often than not.

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