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Interactive kiosks connect with consumers  at retail. The kiosk experience includes online sales, product demonstrations, consumer behavior tracking, mobile applications, employment and much more.

Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. has designed, produced and deployed over 70,000 retail kiosks for clients such as SoloHealth, BMW, John Deere, Microsoft, and Ford.

Our on-site kiosk services include:

  • Design and industrial engineering
  • Experienced consulting 
  • Production quality prototyping 
  • UL Listing 
  • Quality-driven production, integration and fulfillment
  • Complete kiosk testing 
  • Shipping and distribution  
  • Personalized customer service


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Products and Services

Cell Phone/Mobile Charging Station

Add value and drive incremental sales with mobile charging stations, keeping consumers charged up. Mobile charging stations accommodate a variety of mobile devices including smartphones, iPads and tablets. Learn more »

License Renewal Kiosk

ITI self-service kiosks provide self assisted, full-service capabilities at these DMV sites. Each ITI self-contained terminal houses fully integrated systems which allow consumers to complete a variety of DMV transactions. Learn more »

KEO Mobile Charging Kiosk

The KEO Connect charging and information kiosk provides a safe location to charge mobile phones and stay up-to-date on current events. Learn more »

Microsoft® Windows® Phone Kiosk

Designed and produced for Microsoft Corporation the interactive displays demonstrate the Windows Phone 7 operating system allowing consumers to use the latest smartphone technology. Learn more »

BMW X3 Portable Wireless Kiosk

The BMW Portable Wireless Kiosk has set new standards in the wireless kiosk industry. Learn more »

Giant Foods Shopping Solutions Kiosk

Giant Foods creates your own Personal Shopping Experience. Learn more »

Roundy's Human Resource Employment Kiosk

Applying for a job has never been easier.  Simply walk up to this Human Resource Employment Kiosk and within minutes you may be on your way to a new career. Learn more »

John Deere Live!

John Deere has leveraged the technology investment they made in a very sophisticated company website and offered greater value to their retail customers at the same time. Learn more »

Ford Work Solutions Kiosk

The Ford Work Solutions program became available with the launch of the Fall 2009 Ford F-150. Learn more »

Transitions Optical Interactive Merchandiser

This free-standing kiosk is unique as it incorporates a UV-LED light to simulate outdoor UV rays to allow consumers to experience how quickly Transitions lenses activate when exposed to the UV light. Learn more »

Tablet PC Floor Display

The portable Tablet PC Floor Display offers several opportunities for branding, using either temporary or permanent approaches and materials. Learn more »

Security Cabinets

The Security Cabinets feature lockable glass doors that slide on rollers mounted on both the top and bottom tracks. Learn more »

SlideBuy Interactive Shelf Merchandising System

The SlideBuy Shelf Merchandising System makes it possible to put a tablet PC on a track that slides along the front of a retail shelf.  shelf, in-line, without disrupting product placement. Learn more »

Multi-touch retail kiosk

This innovative technology features the latest smart phone and tablet device multi-touch applications available for any retail environment. Learn more »

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