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Redbox Automated Retail collaborated with Flextronics to design an exciting new family of DVD rental kiosks. Redbox needed a strategic outsourcing partner like Flextronics to develop an optimized supply chain that included Lean manufacturing and to drive the development and production of kiosks for their end customers to meet a very aggressive marketing timeline.
Redbox chose Flextronics because of its design innovation, advanced electromechanical manufactur­ing and sophisticated supply chain capabilities. The flexibility and responsiveness of the Flextronics operation was a good fit for a small company like Redbox. This partnership allowed Redbox to focus on technology innovation and a unique business model that led directly to its business success.
Flextronics collaborated with Redbox to design and implement a two-part supply chain strategy which included developing a new design and sourcing the BOM followed by taking prototype to full production.  Redbox kiosks can now be found in over 14,000 locations in North America. Sites include Walmart, Walgreens, McDonald’s, SuperValu, Stop & Shop, Giant, SaveMart, Harris Teeter, Shaw’s Supermarkets, Hannaford Supermarkets, Hy-Vee and Wegmans.
Download the white paper entitled, “Flextronics and redbox in successful partnership to build DVD rental kiosks” to learn more.
Please call +1 408-576-5058 to explore the potential of collaborating with Flextronics on your company’s kiosk project.

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Kiosk Manufacturing Partner

Align with an experienced, well capitalized partner with a successful track record of supporting the largest self-service deployments. Learn more »

Custom Kiosk - Flextronics

The Flextronics product development team works with customers to ensure that their dreams become reality and that their custom kiosks are of the best quality. Flextronics has in place best-in-class development groups that offer unprecedented service and support. Learn more »

Kiosk Manufacturer - Flextronics

  Flextronics is a global industry leader in low-cost production capabilities. Our significant investments in manufacturing facilities in the US and low-cost regions of the world enable us to provide our customers with competitive manufacturing costs. Learn more »

Self-Service Kiosk Best Practices - Flextronics

  Method8™ is a proven self-service business process created to assist the largest of OEMs to the smallest of application development groups. Method8™ is based on 10 years of self-service product development experience and bridges the gap between business and technology. Learn more »

Retail Kiosk - Flextronics

  Flextronics is the partner of choice to assist with design and manufacturing of retail automation kiosks. Self-service solutions that vend physical goods often require complex electro-mechanical hardware, yet provide the most tangible return on investment of all applications. Learn more »

Kiosk Design & Reengineering - Flextronics

  So, you’ve proven your self-service concept and are now ready to prepare for mass deployment…….  Flextronics helps companies take their current hardware & software solutions to the next level by collaborating to provide in-depth analysis and recommendation. Learn more »
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