Coupon dispensing kiosk by Zebra Technologies and Olea

A partnership between Zebra Technologies and Olea Kiosks resulted in this assisted selling, coupon dispensing kiosk.

Kiosks Are Here -- Are You Ready?

For several years running there have been an average of more than 125 new self-service kiosks installed every day in North America, according to some estimates. Retailers who for years wondered if kiosks were right for their operations are increasingly answering yes. Why is a new kiosk coming online approximately every 11 minutes?

Generating ROI with hybrid digital signage kiosks

All signs point to continued growth of the kiosk marketplace. Concurrently, the digital signage market appears to be growing.

Outdoor Kiosks: Beyond the DVD rental

The idea of an outdoor kiosk for most of us brings to mind DVD rentals. However, businesses across the country are finding innovative ways to bring self-service outdoors – making buying products and services easier, faster and more efficient.

How to “Like” a Kiosk

Marketers are constantly looking for information what people actually do at trade events. Not what they do after show hours, that information should stay between the attendee and his or her concierge.

Endless aisle leads to endless possibilities

Critical to the success of any retail operation is the relationship between inventory and customer demand. Customer loyalty, which hinges on ensuring customers have access to the product they want when they want it, is essential as more retailers offer products at increasingly competitive prices.

Six best practices for kiosk design and deployment

Kiosks have been proven to be highly effective for improving customer satisfaction, creating competitive differentiation and reducing operating costs, but these benefits can't be taken for granted. The kiosk plop-and-drop, a poorly thought-out kiosk implementation, does not in any way guarantee success.

Hospital patients checking out self-service check ins

The trend toward self-service kiosks in health-care facilities for such uses as patient check-in and wayfinding is on the rise. While health-care organizations value the increased staff efficiency the kiosks deliver, patients can also benefit with added convenience and time...

Zebra Technologies launches partner program for Independent Software Vendors

Zebra Technologies Corporation has announced the launch of its Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner Program, designed to foster better partnerships between Zebra and the ISV community. "The launch of the global ISV partner program is a key part of Zebra's...

Workforce Management and Employee Kiosks: Perfect Partners

Last year, The Aberdeen Group released a Research Brief that further explores its December 2009 findings that 56 percent of Best-in-Class retailers are integrating their store-level workforce management processes. The brief shows that retailers using an integrated store-level workforce strategy...

NRF: Motorola showcases kiosks with printing applications

Motorola showcased its kiosks with printing capabilities at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show in New York City. Motorola, creator of MK500 kiosks used for price checking, partnered with Zebra Technologies, a company specializing in kiosk printing applications, to design a printer for the machine.

Kiosks, digital signage to make big show at Big Show

An A-to-Z look at some tech companies at the annual NRF event.

Inside the kiosk part 1: printers

A kiosk's moving parts are often its most delicate weak points. But careful component selection can make the printer a valuable asset, rather than an Achilles' heel.

Zebra Technologies Introduces New Self-Service Kiosk Printer

Zebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: ZBRA) today announced the release of the KR403 kiosk receipt printer, the first product in its new KR400™ series. The KR403 offers a range of printing solutions for self-service customer kiosks and can be utilized to...

Kohl's kiosk plans draw attention from press, investors

Department store chain Kohl's plans to deploy self-service kiosks in all of its stores late this year. According to a report from Zebra Technologies' Shelf Talker blog, the deployment comes on the heels of a "very successful" pilot test.

Ask the Experts: What is the difference between a low-end and a high-end kiosk printer?

Kiosk printers run the gamut from low-cost to expensive. What is the difference between the two?

Choosing a kiosk printer

Manufacturers lay out the ground rules for selecting a kiosk printer that moves fast, doesn't jam and keeps the wear and tear away from the user. 

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