MokiMobility provides the Cloud-based platform and solutions to remotely manage and secure iPads and Android tablets for digital signage, kiosk and other single-purpose uses.

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Interactive Kiosks: Reprogram Customer Engagement

In our world of tech-overload and with the rise of digital services, a customer’s time and attention are scarce resources.

Digital Signage and Merchandising

Today’s shopper expects a state-of-the art shopping experience. If you’re a retailer trying to stand out amongst your competition or a brand promoting your product amidst hundreds of other options, engaging customers with digital signage and merchandising is critical to winning the in-store experience.

Three elements of a winning purposed-device strategy

If you're planning on using mobile devices to engage your customers, here are some things you need to consider. You're welcome.

North American Bancard makes managing in-store payments a breeze

North American Bancard’s (NAB) mobile point-of-sale solution, PayAnywhere Storefront, is changing the way businesses accept and manage in-store payments and inventory. What used to require expensive set-up costs and complicated pricing models, is now being delivered in a low-cost, easy-to-implement solution.

Case Study: Lighting Manufacturer Increases Sales by 40% with In-store Kiosks

Lighting manufacturer, RAB Lighting, increased sales by 40% by implementing an iPad-turned-kiosk as part of their new product display gondola. By using Manager from Moki they are able to remotely manage, update and control the content on 1000+ devices in various retail locations.

Moki Launcher

Create a custom, locked-down experience on your tablet kiosks using Launcher from Moki

Moki Manager

Remotely manage you mobile apps, devices and tablet kiosks with Manager from Moki.

Five Pain Points of Supporting Your Mobile App [Infographic]

Building an app is good, now try supporting it. Do you have the right tools to properly support your line-of-business app? With Moki, your support and development teams are finally able to solve these five pain points and succeed in the App Era.

PCI compliance essential for kiosk operators

Kiosks have to comply with PCI DSS to protect cardholder information from hackers; non-compliance could be costly.

Moki to open source MokiTouch tablet kiosk app

Moki is making its MokiTouch kiosk app available on an open-source basis to developers and businesses on the Apache License 2.0 model,a ccording to an announcement. The Salt Lake City-based mobile app security specialist said that the move will enable...

Infographic: Tablet Kiosk Project Vitals

Whether you plan on deploying 5 mobile devices or 50,000, there are many factors you need to consider for a successful deployment. This cheatsheet has been built to help guide you through all of the decisions you need to make for your unique tablet or smartphone project.

iOS 7: What it means for kiosks, mPOS and digital signage

Apple recently announced iOS 7, the newest version of iOS. While most of the entire keynote was focused on personal use, there are a bunch of new features that will also impact kiosks, digital signage and mobile point-of-sale (mPOS).

The Complete Guide to Tablet Kiosks

In today’s market, the iPad and Android tablets are doing more than just disrupting the way millions of users consume digital content on-the-go and at home. They are paving the way for businesses across many different industries to more effectively...

Visionary Moments secures and manages “Signature Reds”, an interactive Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame exhibit

Cincinnati Reds wanted to create a new display for fans to highlight all of the Reds players through history with memoribilia and an interactive history of their playing career. “Signature Reds” combined the past and the present through actual signatures for each player with an iPad displaying the career history for each player.

Managing Mobile Devices: Personal vs. Purposed

Mobile devices are transforming the way business is done. Whether a device is for an employee or a customer, you need the right management approach. Answer these simple questions to determine which approach is right for your deployment.

A look at the PCI guidelines for mobile POS

The PCI Security Standards Council just released new guidelines for developers, merchants and payment solutions providers using o-the-shelf mobile devices for point-of-sale.

MokiTouch: Turnkey Services

Creating a reliable and secure tablet kiosk requires more than just buying a tablet and sticking it on the wall. The iPad and Android tablets are fantastic consumer devices, but using them as a kiosk requires a level of reliability and security that does not come out-of-the-box.

MokiMobility shows off MokiTouch at CETW

MokiMobility CMO Brad Hintze talks about the latest features of the MokiTouch software.

Using Apple Configurator and MokiManage for scalable and reliable iPad deployments

Apple Configurator and MokiManage together create the most effective way to manage the complete lifecycle of a single-purpose tablet, from deployment to management and monitoring. Individually, Configurator and MokiManage offer useful device deployment and management features. Combined, however, Configurator and...

MokiMobility leveraging iOS 6 and Apple Configurator for its iPad kiosks

MokiMobility has added new improvements to its iPad kiosk that leverage iOS 6 and Apple Configurator, according to a company announcement. Now iPad kiosk deployments can take advantage of new iOS 6 features available through Configurator during deployment, and can...

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