KioWare kiosk software wraps around browser-based applications, securing the OS (Windows and Android) and browser, and allowing users to access only your application.

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KioWare releases new kiosk software with Chrome support

KioWare has announced the release of its latest kiosk software, with built-in Google Chrome support.

How generational differences impact thoughts on security and self-service

Knowing how millennials and Gen Z-ers feel about data security is a critical component to understanding how, and if, these individuals will be comfortable sharing sensitive data on a public facing device. How will generational differences influence self-service device usage and how can self-service change to accommodate those differences?

Millennials and Gen Z-ers: how generational differences impact the kiosk market

Kiosks traditionally serve the purpose of allowing customers to check out or access information without the assistance of a customer service representative. They should be viewed now, more than ever, as an additional piece to the customer service puzzle.

KioWare releases remote kiosk management tool

Kiosk software developers KioWare have released a new remote kiosk management tool called KioCloud which will allow KioWare users to control their kiosks remotely, according to an email statement.

Not every problem can be fixed with a hammer

Find the right tool for a problem, or use the wrong one and risk creating more issues to solve.

Custom Development for Kiosk Applications - Questionnaire

How do you go about obtaining a quote that will provide you with the most accurate estimate for custom development? Fill out this form for a working document when seeking a quote for custom kiosk application development.

KioWare announces enhanced EMEA presence (Press Release)

Analytical Design Solutions Inc. (ADSI) dba KioWare, headquartered in York, Pennsylvania, has a new office location based just outside of London offering sales and service for current and prospective EMEA clients.

KioWare opens UK office to facilitate international expansion

KioWare, a kiosk software development company, has recently opened a location in Reading, England which is located on outskirts of London.

KioWare releases new security tool for Android users

Analytical Design Solutions Inc. has released KioWare 3.5, which will allow Android users to set up custom security settings on their smart phones, tablets and other devices. It is designed specifically for Android 3.5.

Lockdown Software for Jail Visitation Scheduling

The Meherrin River Regional Jail allows guests to schedule visits with inmates via the Renovo Scheduling App locked down with KioWare Kiosk System Software for Windows.

Hospitality Kiosks Provide Visitors with Helpful Information

The Hospitality Hotspot program is a virtual concierge touchscreen terminal deployed at the Grand Pacific Palisades Resort and the Carlsbad Seapointe Resort in lobbies and public areas.

Latest KioWare suite for Android and Windows released

New versions of the KioWare kiosk software products for Windows and Android are available

Kioware demos kiosk software at London expo

Kiosk software provider Kioware will showcase its Android kiosk software in a demonstration at the Kiosk London expo October 15 to 16 using Applied Device Technologies PROPORT tablet

ADA: Legal and practical advice

With nearly $2 million in damages and fees paid to plaintiffs in the recent Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired v. Redbox Automated Retail LLC settlement, it's important to revisit ADA compliance implications for self-service industries.

KioWare launches software for Android

KioWare announced the release of its Kioware for Android Version 3.3 product line, with Google Drive integration and smartphone capabilities.

Self-service technology doctors up health care, pt. II

Self-service technology, kiosks especially, may be changing the way we access health care and the privacy issues we encounter from the pharmacy desk to the doctor's diagnosis.

Self-service technology doctors up health care, pt. I

Self-service technology, kiosks especially, may be changing the way we access health care and the privacy issues we encounter from the pharmacy desk to the doctor's diagnosis.

Limitations of Kiosk Mode

Windows 8 introduces a new feature that has effectively been dubbed "Kiosk Mode" due to its ability to lock down Windows to a single application that the user can run. This kiosk mode option can be useful for a surface level of security, but does not provide the level of security necessary for self-service or public access computers.

Kioware Case Study: Water World Self-Service Locker Kiosks Decrease Wait Times

Improving the guest experience while simultaneously increasing revenue and decreasing wait time is an all-around win for Hyland Hills Water World and RFID enabled self-service kiosks. Read more about how kiosk technology can help build a brand, improve guest flow, and increase revenue in a well-known Colorado amusement park.

Kioware Case Study: Newport News Public Library System Transitions to Secure Public Access Kiosks

Public libraries have dealt with the issue of public access computing for many years. The requirement for safe computing usage while simultaneously providing access to information poses a technical challenge. Learn how Kioware configured exclusive access kiosks for The Newport News Public Library System.

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