SiteKiosk Software on Digital Signage Displays in Supermarkets

PROVISIO's kiosk and digital signage software give customers a better retail experience in Mexico.

Leveraging Kiosks with Mobile Integration

Combining a self-service kiosk with mobile technology can multiply the power of both devices, providing increased customer engagement and a host of analytics.

Why Buying Self Service Off the Shelf Doesn't Always Work

Although some self-service applications can be standardized, a truly effective deployment often requires custom development or benefits from a "purpose built" principle.

The Waiting Dead: Preventing the zombie apocalypse with self-service kiosks [infographic]

While there's no single elixir to eradicate life's many lines, there's certainly an arsenal of interactive technology that businesses can rely upon to prevent their customers from catching the disease of The Waiting Dead.

Software Security: The Importance of Locking Down Your Self-Service Kiosk

Keeping a self-service kiosk safe goes beyond the enclosure. Learn measures that can protect kiosk software.

Webinar: You Can't Afford to Ignore Cash

Cash needs to be part of your automation analysis. The selection of payment options that you will offer to your customers is a critical business decision that is not to be taken lightly. We will discuss the variety of payment options available for the consumer as well as the positives and negatives of working with cash.

Remote Management and the Android Kiosk

Low-cost platform helps grow deployments while maintaining a streamlined approach to remote monitoring.

Kiosk Security Software to Lock Down Android Devices and PC Kiosks

Stop attacks and help ensure a positive user experience by taking control of the kiosk.

The printer: A critical component of a kiosk design

Trying to save money on a kiosk printer may end up as the most costly decision a deployer could make

University Improves Self-Service, Communication with Digital Signage

PROVISIO helps University of Texas combine the best of kiosks and DOOH, to enhance both.

Keep Kiosks Safe, Online with Remote Monitoring

A watchful eye on a self-service application can maximize uptime and ROI.

Finding the Sweet Spot with Bill Payment Kiosks

When considering the use of billpay kiosks, it’s important to look beyond the obvious.

XPerience Communications Improves Event Operations with Remote Management Solution

With the SiteRemote monitoring system, marketing companies are now able to monitor their special event technology remotely, quickly fixing problems and reducing headaches.

Three Benefits for RFID Use in Airports

By consolidating and expediting the check-in process, creating the ability to track items and employees, and enhancing security, RFID is being utilized in a variety of ways in airports.

Three Benefits of Investing in Cash Recycling

How cash-recycling components are reshaping currency-handling systems to the benefit of all vertical deployers, CIT vendors and consumers alike.

Kiosks: End of the (Deli) Line

A family-owned grocery store chain is helping to enhance its reputation for exceptional service through the use of deli self-order kiosks.

Get the Dirt on Kiosks

New antimicrobial technology keeps kiosks free from bacteria and fungi, helping users stay healthy.

Kiosk Installations: Considerations for Success

Service is usually the last thing deployers think about when starting a project, but answering a few questions up front can save time and money.

RFID in Vehicles

New uses for the technology allow companies to offer self-service rentals and track deliveries more effectively.

Adding Customer-Facing Touchpoints with Kiosks

An innovative restaurant concept incorporates kiosks into its efforts to connect with customers.

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