KIOSKCOM: Intava's Vector interactive display for retail

From the floor of the KioskCom Self Service Expo and The Digital Signage Show in New York, Troy Caroll, CEO of Intava, demonstrates the company's "Vector," product. The interactive display supports endless-aisle and product-information applications and provides unique in-store opportunities for brand marketers.

THE DIGITAL SIGNAGE SHOW: An inside look at Ecast's IQ digital signage system

Jon Howe of Ecast gives KioskCom attendees an inside look - literally - into the company's new digital retailing solution.

KIOSKCOM: CSS demonstrates the small-footprint bill pay kiosk

CSS's James Currey walks us through a demonstration of the small-footprint bill pay kiosk at the 2009 KioskCom show in Las Vegas.

THE DIGITAL SIGNAGE SHOW: Elo TouchSystems demonstrates multi-touch tech at KioskCom

Greg Swistak of Elo TouchSystems shows the company's first multi-touch computer platform, which is similar to iPhone touch technology.

THE DIGITAL SIGNAGE SHOW: Elo TouchSystems 42-inch APR touch monitor

Elo TouchSystem's Greg Swistak shows off the company's 42-inch Acoustic Pulse Recognition (APR) screen at KioskCom.

Diebold Germany appoints Jörg Engelhardt as managing director

GERMANY—Diebold Germany has appointed banking industry expert Jörg Engelhardt as the managing director of Diebold Germany GmbH, the German subsidiary of Diebold Inc. Engelhardt, who came to Diebold as sales director from De La Rue, succeeds Wilfried Schenk, who retired from the company on July 1.

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