Contour Networks provides cellular broadband connectivity for Kiosks, POS and other M2M remote devices to securely connect over wireless, without exposing your connection to the Internet. As the first fully PCI-certified private wireless service, we meet the needs of Kiosks and other devices in Financial, HIPPA, and other industries. 

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PCI compliance essential for kiosk operators

Kiosks have to comply with PCI DSS to protect cardholder information from hackers; non-compliance could be costly.

3 Reasons to Protect Your Kiosk with a Private Cellular Network

Safeguarding customer data affordably and securely.

Enhance ATM Data Security with Affordable, Low-Cost Cellular Connectivity

For ATM deployers, guarding against breaches is essential, but many companies worry about making an expensive investment. Options exist to enhance security without incurring a large cost.

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