Kiosks ease workflow on college campuses

Jan. 28, 2013 | by Kurt Myrick

During tough economic times, more people return to school. College enrollment has spiked as the country continues to dig itself out of the recession. With more students, faculty and staff are asked to do more. To handle the increase in work, many colleges and universities are installing kiosks to alleviate some of the simple tasks that take up valuable time.

Easing workload through kiosks

The uses for a kiosk are endless on a college campus. Students can use a kiosk to get vital financial aid information. Rather than tie up the time of a financial aid officer, a few simple taps on a kiosk can answer the student’s questions without monopolizing the time of an employee.

Kiosks can be set up in a department office so students can make appointments with faculty. For students, using this kind of digital technology is simple. For faculty, schedules can be maintained easily and less time is spent setting up meetings.

Additional uses of kiosks on campus

Many colleges and universities are already embracing this technology as a way to ease workloads, help students and increase revenue. Take a look at some of the other ways kiosks are used on campus:

  • Print class schedules
  • Online book rentals/purchasing
  • Alumni giving
  • Load funds on student ID card for easy checkout
  • Pay for meal plans, dorm fees, event tickets, parking tickets
  • Employment opportunities
  • Application centers for volunteers and campus events

Design Your Kiosk 

At Phoenix Kiosk, we can show you how to lock down your website and only allow students to see what you want them to see. We can even create a custom screensaver and menu page for a secured portal to the school's website functions — such as financial aid, admissions, bookstore, etc.

The use of kiosks is rapidly growing and deploying kiosks can offer solutions to workflow problems without increasing overhead.

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