Is a virtual receptionist right for your business?

Nov. 22, 2011 | by Kurt Myrick

If your business is growing, it's inevitable that your office is going to need a little extra help managing the traffic coming through You think to yourself, "How am I going to afford a receptionist?"

Well perhaps there is a kiosk solution that can help. Many kiosk manufacturers are now offering just the flexibility you might be looking for in a cost-effective complete package.

When you think of a "receptionist," what images often come to mind? Most likely you'll envision an employee sitting in the front lobby of an organization or place of business. Quite often they are perpetually smiling and exhibiting a very high-energetic, perky personality. But the key functions to this responsibility are generally to greet any clients or other visitors and to direct them to whomever they need to see.

Can a kiosk solution handle this? Of course it can!

Kiosks built with this purpose include powerful software and hardware features that allow a very effective augmentation of receptionist duties. This intuitive package connects through an existing network, Internet or phone system that allows visitors to search and communicate directly with your employees. The kiosk with this type of user interface will allow visitors to easily manage their own visit.

The first impression of a sleek looking kiosk presenting a custom welcome screen in your lobby is enough to draw attention to it. As the visitor approaches, a proximity sensor alerts the kiosk someone is approaching and he or she will be prompted by the kiosk to get started with the search. Within seconds the user can find who they are looking for and initiate a connection.

Other advantages include:

Cost savings: The kiosk is paid for at a fraction of a receptionist's salary. Over the course of time, the savings can be reinvested into your business for growth, marketing efforts and stability.

Enhancement of brand: The kiosk presents itself as a custom application in regard to both the software via user interface as well as the exterior by displaying colors, graphics or logos specific to the business. The familiarity will be welcome and appreciated by the user.

A memorable experience: If you makeease of use a priority when developing your kiosk and related software, your visitors will appreciate the speed, efficiency and intuitiveness of a virtual receptionist. The effect will leave visitors very satisfied with the greeting and communication experience.

Full customization of the software: Beyond the custom-user interface and welcome screens, there are endless possibilities as to what else you would like your Virtual Receptionist Kiosk to accomplish. Perhaps you wish to grant access to your company's website, marketing partners or provide locations to local eateries or other places of interest. There are all very possible through the power of customization.

Real-time directory updating: You can always provide up-to-date information to your guests. Updating is a simple process that will take no time at all.

In conclusion, if you find yourself in a position where you can effectively utilize a kiosk for receptionist-type responsibilities, it may be exactly the solution necessary to continue to effectively grow your business in a positive and profitable direction.

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Kurt Myrick / Rich Bernstein brings more than 10 years of marketing, management and writing experience to Phoenix Kiosk. Rich oversees the daily and long-term direction of the marketing department.
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