How to “Like” a Kiosk

April 21, 2011 | by Tim Dreyer

Marketers are constantly looking for information what people actually do at trade events. Not what they do after show hours, that information should stay between the attendee and his or her concierge. What marketers want is a deeper understanding of what seminar attendees buzz about, what exhibitors' technologies are attracting the most attention and maybe which booth has the best chotskies. The challenge is getting that data in real time.

Today, there is no better buzz barometer than social media sites and no better real-time data capture technology than RFID. Well, last week RFID Journal combined the two by testing out an RFID-enabled kiosk at RFID Journal LIVE!, the world's largest RFID event. RFID Journal, in partnership with technology providers ODIN Technologies, Thingmagic and Zebra provided show goers the opportunity to use RFID-enabled kiosks for real-time Facebook "Likes" and "Check-ins." There was also an RFID-enabled photo booth that allowed attendees to scan their badges and get their photos taken and automatically posted to their Facebook pagse as well as RFID Journal's Facebook page.

The application was intended to show how RFID can enhance engagement at events by allowing attendees a seamless real-time bridge between event news and happenings and the social networks they are connected to. By connecting their badges with a personal profile, the kiosks enabled a simple update and check-in process that eliminated site logins and smartphone fumbling.

A similar application, sans kiosk, has been deployed on several Vail ski resorts to provide skiers insight on where their friends are on the slopes and data on how far and how much they have skied by aggregating the information collected on each pass-card read at chair lifts.

On a broader scale, the RFID Journal kiosks showed marketers the potential to connect in real time with event attendees in order to build broader event buzz for their products or services.

Topics: Retail , RFID Technology , Tradeshows

Companies: Zebra Technologies

Tim Dreyer / Dreyer has extensive experience working for companies, including Motorola, Aerial Communications and NEC. As public relations and social media manager for Zebra Technologies, he develops the messaging for the company’s asset tracking solutions.

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