Generate more revenue with digital ads on your DVD kiosk

Dec. 5, 2012 | by Shaun Hunte

An important part of generating revenue when running a business involves setting up advertisements so you can potentially draw more customers. An advertisement can range from a normal print advertisement to digital advertisements, spanning many types like banner ads.

For DVD rental businesses, digital ads can help draw people to DVD rental kiosks. In fact, the most common way to draw customers to a DVD kiosk includes setting up digital signs via a smart movie touchscreen for advertising potential. 

Digital signs are mainly a collective of different technologies that are made to replace traditional print signs. These signs are composed of electronic panels that project content in an interactive manner, targeted toward a specified audience. For a DVD kiosk business, you can use a dual screen DVD kiosk to your benefit by displaying an advertisement on one screen, while having the second screen handle all the transaction-related matters. 

Most DVD kiosks deliver advertisements through a non-touchscreen or a smart movie touchscreen, where customers can actually touch the advertisements and choose a movie. DVD kiosk digital ads can be static or moving advertisements, akin to what you may see on television. The cost of the advertisement licensing may vary, so you'll probably want to take the costs into consideration. 

The types of technologies used in most digital signs include liquid crystal displays and rolling message boards. These devices, when used in advertising, display full-motion video, text and sound, allowing the user to control their digital ad display in a quick and efficient manner. 

To build an effective advertisement network, you must have an active network of DVD kiosks up and running. If, however, you have a single machine, it's still possible to run advertisements though your network. These particular advertisements are dispensed through a network that transmits the information. As an example, you may have to connect to the parent company of your kiosk, just to display any advertisement information that correlates with your kiosks and business. 

If you actually use digital ads for your DVD rental business, you'll potentially be able to generate more revenue. It has a lot of advantages you might not get from traditional print advertisements.

Digital ads provide a near instantaneous way for people to learn more about your DVD products, in addition to allowing you to immediately change your advertisement promotions on the fly, to effectively target the audience that you want.  

Shaun Hunte / Shaun Hunte is the VP of Marketing and Strategic Sales at Signifi Solutions Inc. He manages the overall marketing strategy for Signifi and the portfolio of products, building marketing and branding strategy from the ground up for all new product releases.

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