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Self-service kiosks have replaced the need for on-the-go consumers to run errands or complete tasks during all hours of the day, but security has always been a concern. With all of this increased functionality, how can retailers ensure a consumer's information is protected?

It all starts with the printer.

Say a consumer visits a bill payment kiosk but forgets to grab his or her receipt that includes an account number. Or the consumer purchases a plane ticket at an airport kiosk and the receipt includes sensitive information.

There are several features that increase security of information. One in particular is the "retract and retain" feature. Printers that offer these capabilities ensure that confidential information is kept private if the users forget their receipt. Sensitive information at the bottom of the receipt is not pushed to the outside of the kiosk for others to see, and the receipt is retracted back into the kiosk should the receipt printout be left behind. The retract and retain feature also provides additional benefits to the kiosk owner, including reduced paper clutter.

This feature is just one example that demonstrates the value of a robust printer to a bill payment station or any other type of kiosk.

How do you protect customers who use your kiosks? Leave your comments below.

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  • James Oladujoye
    Hi this is a good article. Though rare our support team at Genkiosk have seen this issue arise. Our kiosk software cannot resolve this issue on its own - which is why we always reccoemnd printers that retract and retain. best regards James Oladujoye (CEO)
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