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Apple has changed the world. No really. Don't believe me? Try imagining your iPod without that wheel or zooming in on a map without multitouch.

Not only has Apple made ease-of-use an art form, It has also show that technology can be physically engaging and attractive. This has revolutionized what customers look for in technology beyond just phones and iPods.

So what does this shift mean for self-service? It means design matters more than you might think. Studies have shown that customers are more attracted to designs that are anthropomorphic or compelling. Moreover, it is becoming increasingly important for a brand to have a design point of view in the smallest of details.

Shape and form affect people and their buying behaviors. A great example of this can be found with Coke and "American Idol." While there were sponsors who spent the same amount of money on the show as Coke, no one achieved the same results. Experts attribute the difference in return on investment to the fact that Coke continued to reinforce the shape and design elements of its brand on the set of the show.

Devices that are designed to fit customer brands can:

  • Increase sales of products or services.
  • Improve market position and differentiate you from your competitors.
  • Improve customer loyalty and brand affinity.
  • Increase usage.
  • And improve customer satisfaction.

Some questions you may want to ask when choosing a self-service enclosure are:

  • Does the design reflect elements of your brand or campaign?
  • Have you used colors that attract customers?
  • Is the shape of the device inviting or does it push customers away?
  • Is the device scaled for the user (is it a tank or too small )
  • How does the device integrate into your existing environment in an engaging way?
  • Have you thought about how your device might feel to customers?
  • Do the application and the graphics or form factor create a cohesive design statement?

The kiosk enclosure is the first thing consumers see when they notice the machine, so you should take advantage of the enclosure by specifically tailoring it to display your brand and message. Don’t be afraid to be bold or creative – the point is to draw attention.

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