With hybrid ATM/Kiosk it's give and take

March 19, 2012 | by Suzanne Cluckey

Is it a Kiosk or an ATM? Yep. More importantly, is it really the shape of the future and is it profitable?

Affirmative to those, too, says Sam Shahbazi, executive vice president of Vancouver-based TIO Networks. TIO showed off its new software capabilities in combination with a Genmega Inc. cash-in, cash-out tandem setup at ATMIA US 2012. Shahbazi explained that this ATM/billpay kiosk symbiosis represents a bright new opportunity for IADs.

"ATM owner operators are looking for the next revenue-generating machine," Shahbazi said. "Of course, hearing their points of pain such as interchange fees and the sheer concentration of ATMs out there … they're looking for the next machine that has multiple revenue generation."

Shahbazi had more to say about how the new hybrid solution fits the bill for IADs, helping them enhance customer convenience while enabling new profit centers. To hear more, check out the video below.


For more on this topic, visit our multifunction ATMs research center.

Companies: TIO Networks Corp. , Genmega Inc

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