Psychic Friends Network kiosks ready to tell the future

Aug. 10, 2011 | by Christopher Hall

The art of fiction, while perhaps not dead, will probably want to check into life insurance after this one.

Kiosks are being used to check in for flights in airports; to collect patient information in hospitals; and even to rent out everything from Rug Doctors to bicycles to DVDs.

A press release came out yesterday that trumps all those deployments, as the Psychic Friends Network announced that it is back and better than ever, this time with kiosks.

In addition to its pay-per-minute phone calls with psychics, the PFN "is also ready to roll out their exciting new psychic reading kiosks that will be placed in high foot traffic locations. These kiosks allow customers to get a fully interactive personal reading with a psychic via a high definition screen built into the kiosk."

The psychic network is back, via an exclusive licensing agreement with New Age Entertainment.

"The psychic industry has grown by a huge amount since the 1990s when the Psychic Friends Network first became a household name," said Robert Klayman, CEO of New Age Entertainment. "It is now much more mainstream for a person to consult a psychic. This makes it the perfect time for us to bring this popular brand back."

According to the announcement, Mike Lasky, the CEO of The Psychic Friends Network who did more than $1 billion dollars in business with a customer base of 9 million customers, is now working closely with New Age Entertainment to bring it worldwide in all media venues. New Age Entertainment plans to open its telephones and start advertising in September.

( was unable to reach Mr. Klayman this morning for an immediate comment and additional information on kiosk-reading price points and locations.)

Watch a preview of the PFN's new infomercial, with a glimpse of the new kiosks, below:

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