Portugal opens 'never-closing post office'

May 16, 2012 | by Cherryh A. Butler

Nearly a year ago, the Postal Services of Portugal (CTT Correios de Portugal) set out to develop a 24-hour postal office that could perform all the services that customers traditionally could only get at the counter. In order to pull something like this off, CTT knew it needed a kiosk system that required minimal maintenance but at the same time, provided integrated transaction consolidation.

That's where Escher Group Limited came in, said Ronan Gallagher, marketing and communications manager of the software company that supplies technology for not only kiosks but also for POS and device-to-device communication.

Using Escher's RiposteKiosk software, designed to handle diverse transaction types and peripherals, CTT Correios was able to create one kiosk that could provide all the services it needed to maintain, including mail services, pricing, label printing, bill payment and financial services. The self-service office is adjacent to CTT Correios' headquarters in Parque das Nações, Lisbon, and also doubles as a retail location, where it sells items through a vending kiosk or through a standard retail self-checkout.

"CTT Portugal is a progressive company and not afraid to invest in technology and services to widen its customer base," said Liam Church, CEO of Escher Group. "Making such services available 24 hours per day, every day of the year, was an audacious step that has been very successful."

CTT is currently testing the new service and if successful will consider replicating the service in other locations such as airports and malls.

Neither Escher nor CTT could disclose the cost of the project.

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