NRF: New technology speeds up grocery store’s checkout process

Jan. 16, 2011

The Kroger Co.'s Advantage Checkout system created a lot of buzz last week at the National Retail Federation's Big show in New York City. Fujitsu America, a provider of ICT-based business solutions, designed the checkout technology that reduces checkout times, improves customer experience and reduces operational costs for retailers.

The system looks more like a MRI machine than a grocery checkout stand, but retailers should not be wary of the machine's size, said Fujitsu Public Relations Manager Wes Bates. It completes the checkout process so much faster than standard lanes that it could replace two or three of them, he said.

It also enables the recognition of stacked items even when barcodes are hidden, according to Brian Yates, Fujitsu's director of Product Marketing.

The grocery chain is evaluating the check-out system in a couple stores with plans to deploy more based on customer reaction.

Bates said he expects that reaction to be positive based on the attention retailers showed it at the NRF.

"Everyone has been asking questions and giving their ideas," he said. "People are really excited about it."

Click below to watch a demo and interview with Yates.

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