Frank Mayer intros ready-to-go retail solutions

Nov. 17, 2011

Frank Mayer and Associates Inc. has developed three solutions it is calling "Retail-Ready," meaning they have universal functionality to a variety of store owners and can be quickly branded and produced.

"This cuts the lead time and development costs substantially, depending on the quantity needed," said Dave Zoerb, senior vice president of marketing at Frank Mayer.

The three solutions include a SlideBuy Interactive Shelf Merchandising System, a Tablet PC Floor Display and field-tested security cabinets.

SlideBuy Shelf Merchandising system

The solution makes it possible to put a tablet PC on a track that slides along the front of a retail shelf. Customers and employees can move the shelf to access product or restock the shelf. It also secures the tablet PC, which can also be branded by developing a custom bezel to surround it.

Portable Tablet PC floor display

The 48-inch touchscreen display has an 18-inch by 14-inch footprint and can secure a wide variety of tablet PCs, including the iPad. Like the SlideBuy, retailers may add their branding to the tablets.

Security cabinets

The security cabinets, which have already been deployed in several major retail chains, feature glass doors that slide on rollers mounted on both the top and bottom tracks, Zoerb said. The units can be mounted to, or sit on, all the standard retail fixture gondola systems. Available in several sizes, one style features a vertical transparent roll-top door, created from durable thermoplastic polyester (PETG) panels.


Pricing depends on the quantity purchased and the type and extent of required branding, Zoerb said. For example, the Tablet PC Stand can be branded with a changeable temporary brand, or a more permanent one which would greatly impact the pricing.

"The important message is these are not on the shelf, so people cannot expect to buy one or two stock items, rather they can save the time and money to develop these pieces which could be mass produced for chain retail or similar deployments," he said.

Click here to see a slideshow of the solutions.

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