Commentary: Kiosk Industry Group announces 'Best in Show' at CETW

April 4, 2012

By Craig Keefner of Kiosk Industry Group

As part of the Kiosk Industry Group's commitment to the kiosk industry, we presented our choices for this year's "Best in Show" last week at Customer Engagement Technology World in San Francisco.

These awards, voted on by peers, began in 1999, and have a long history of highlighting the projects on display at the show that best epitomize the positive nature of the kiosk industry.

Key criteria for the awards are:

  • Success in the real market-- the more deployments the higher the score.
  • Good kiosk design exemplified -- ADA (American Disability) and other regulations
  • Transactions and ROI models -- Does it make sense?

There are other criteria, but those three are the primary ones that I, and two other judges from the group,  used to choose the winners. Now onto the awards.

Government bill pay
: DMV in a Box by Frank Mayer and Associates Inc.
Quick notes
: More than 20 units deployed (mainly without cash). Software by ITI.

Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. collaborated with Intellectual Technology, Inc. to develop self-service kiosks in a variety of Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) branches in Nevada, California and South Dakota.

Frank Mayer self-service DMV kiosk


Each self-service DMV kiosk can process vehicle registrations as well as any other transactions that require thermal transfer document printing or payment collection. The kiosk engages customers in a user-friendly environment incorporating touch screen technology with high resolution graphics. Using graphics and audio instructions to assist the customer, instructions are provided to consumers with directions on how they can process the available individual transactions. These DMV kiosks employ various security features such as tilt switches, intrusion detection switches, separate locking compartments, individual locking devices and the ability to interface with building and other exterior alarm systems to provide the highest level of security.

All transactions on the kiosk are processed using debit and credit cards.

Watch the video for a demo and interview with Frank Mayer's Ron Bowers and editor, Cherryh Butler.


Health care patient checkin
: Patient Passport by CTS
Quick notes
: More than 8.5 million patient check ins

The CTS Patient Passport Express provides patient check in that is equal for patients who stand over six feet tall or are in a wheel chair. With a 40-inch range of vertical motion and private audio capability, this patient check-in kiosk exceeds ADA guidelines. The new adjustable Patient Passport Express is also a giant step forward aesthetically for health care kiosk design. It incorporates a sophisticated mix of materials and surfaces, and provides nearly infinite choices of customized textures and colors, allowing the enclosure to be integrated into a facility's existing décor and branding.

CTS unvelied a pink version of the kiosk in honor of breast cancer awareness. Watch below for a demo of how it works.

 Enclosure technology
: OneSource Flex Series
Quick notes
: Close to 50 deployed in multiple health care and HR customers.
The KioWare & Livewire booth featured one of the Flexi Basic standup kiosks. At 52 inches, it is shorter than most. It is thin, has very clean lines and supports a 19-inch 4:3 touchscreen.

Touch technology
: Touch revolution multi-touch
Touch Revolution's
new multi-touch projected capacitive screens were dazzling. They company makes all types of products including Android appliances such as desk phones, washing machines, etc. The demo at CETW was superb.

Watch the video for an up-close look at Touch technology.

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