Meet NCR's Mobile Shopper (Video)

NCR is in the business of putting point-of-sale equipment on merchants' counters, and now it's hoping to put an application in the hands of consumers that will make it possible for them to plan, shop and pay from their mobile devices.

At this year's National Retail Federation BIG Show in New York City, NCR showed off its Mobile Shopper app, a solution that links the consumer to a store's server, loyalty program and POS system. Dan White, director of retail mobile solutions for NCR, discussed how the app lets consumers scan items in the aisles, connects those items to offers and coupons, and then lets consumers check themselves out by paying with their mobile wallet account.

White also offered an explanation on how the system combats theft at the point of self-checkout, noting two methods that could help protect the retailer.

"We have the gross weight capability; we add all the weights up as you bag it and we can check that against what you actually have purchased, and make sure you didn't add something else," he said. "And then secondly there is a random check. We can keep you honest, just occasionally check you depending on whether you are a really good customer or not or how many times we scan you."

Watch the video below from the NRF show for a closer look at the Mobile Shopper:

Read more about self-checkout.

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