Intel's interactive display spices up the customer experience

A person's experience with a smell can conjure a wave of memories, influence their behavior and affect their mood. Thanks to the intimate relationship between the brain's olfactory bulb and amygdala, a simple scent can trigger an emotional reaction almost instantaneously — a connection that has not gone unnoticed by businesses and brands.

Retailers have dabbled with sensory triggers for some time, adding in-store scents that can lead to more lingering and ultimately more spending. But a recent interactive digital signage installation by Intel, HP and 5thScreen Digital Services uses scent to take aim at the holy grail of retail — a unique and memorable customer experience.

The McCormick World of Flavors, the McCormick spice company flagship store at the Baltimore Inner Harbor, features five interactive experiences, including the scent-based game "Guess That Spice" and "FlavorPrint," which allows consumers to find spices to match their taste preferences. At Intel's booth during the recent National Retail Federation BIG Show in New York City, attendees got a whiff of some of the new technology.

"Retailers are really trying to get you engaged in lots of different ways with their brands," said Mary Murphy-Hoye, Intel's senior principal engineer. "So what McCormick has done is added a sensory aspect to their application where you can actually smell the different spices and learn about spices that you don't know about. They are trying to introduce this idea of flavor and interest to the consumer in a new way, and to connect with [the consumer] in a more sensory way… a more personal way."

Watch the interview below with Murphy-Hoye for a closer look at the display:

Read more about interactive display technology.

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  • Ken Lonyai
    Kind of interesting (in a creepy way) that Intel is acting like it invented something - at least based on this article. The fragrance system is almost definitely from a 3rd party. Nevertheless, ScreenPlay InterActive introduced all of this back in 2001 and has built dozens of custom turnkey dry-air interactive fragrance systems under its iScent brand. In fact, this is an ultra basic interactive fragrance deployment that wouldn't have much merit except for the names associated with it.
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