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The world's largest retailer will ramp up its self-checkout offerings during 2013. According to an announcement from NCR, Walmart will be installing 10,000 SelfServ Checkout lanes to more than 1,200 Walmart locations in the U.S.

Walmart currently uses NCR self-checkout solutions throughout stores, and the expansion of deployments is a move to improve the overall checkout and customer service experience, the announcement said.

"Shoppers and retailers recognize the speed and value self-checkout provides, and shoppers tell us they are eager to see it expanded into other retail segments," said Scott Kingsfield, senior vice president and general manager, NCR Retail.

NCR is also providing expertise from its Human Factors Engineering group, using user interface design, configurations, layouts and best practices to make the self-checkout experience as convenient as possible. In addition, NCR will provide regular service programs and maintenance to Walmart and Sam's Club locations across the country. 

"Our customers are shopping differently than they ever have, and we're using innovative technologies like self-checkouts to meet their needs," said Jeff McAllister, senior vice president of innovation, Walmart U.S. "Our multiple checkout options give us a unique advantage to provide our customers with the quick, easy and convenient checkout experience they tell us they want." 

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  • Vincent Panepinto
    This is great news! I think this would be a good opportunity to give customers the option of getting an email receipt during checkout.

    Spently (spently.com) is one company doing a good job in the transactional email marketing providing value to partners, merchants, and customers in the process.
  • Gary Wollenhaupt
    Glory freaking hallelujah! The Wal-Mart closest to my house does not yet have self-checkouts. There are 32 checkout lines and not even on Black Friday are they all open. I'm sure Wal-Mart's management has a finely tuned algorithm on how many check outs to open at any given time. But unless I have no other choice I go to Dollar General rather than Wal-Mart just for the check-out queues. Can't wait for the self check out lanes at my Wal-Mart.
  • Ian Zeggman
    I wouldn't mind the self checkouts if they worked. A new Wal-Mart grocery juste opened near my house. I usually only buy half a dozen items at a time, but my checkout experience is only "quick, easy, and convenient" one time in five. Either the system doesn't have any way to enter the item I've selected (e.g., bulk carrots), or the price isn't the price that was marked on the shelf, or the shoplifting detector thinks there's something funny about the weight of the box of cereal or the jug of milk I just added to the bagging area.

    I won't put up with shoddy service to save a few pennies. If there aren'[t sufficient checkout lanes open when I've completed my shopping, I'll leave my shopping cart to drive home the false economy of hiring insufficient help. If the automated system tells me three times in a row to "wait for assistance", I'll leave the items and leave the store. If you don't want to hire enough trained people to man the checkout aisles, I guess you can hire people to re-stock the shelves instead.
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