Pink kiosks helping to 'Save the tatas'

CTS is unveiling a pink model of its patient check-in kiosk in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness next week at Customer Engagement Technology World. Every sale includes a $250 donation to breast cancer research or to organizations that provide free breast cancer screenings, said Sandy Nix, president of the kiosk manufacturing company.

"CTS has had tremendous success with our patient check-in kiosks over the years, and especially so with the Patient Passport we introduced last year," said Nix, whose own mother beat breast cancer nearly 15 years ago. "It seemed the right thing to do to find a way to pass on that success so it benefits others."

With the lifetime risk for women of getting breast cancer at one in eight, breast cancer is a disease that has a significant impact on the entire population — women themselves, as well as their families.

"With early detection and proper treatment, more and more women are not only sur

viving but thriving," Nix said. "My mother was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer, and was

told to get her affairs in order.

"However, due to great medical care, the support of loved ones and her own strength and determination today she is healthy and happily enjoying her retirement. So our involvement is on several levels — as a company and me as an individual."

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