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Intuit's mobile POS solution GoPayment is looking to make it easier for political campaigns to accept donations. The company announced it has enhanced the product to capture data from donors, information like the donor's name and address, in order to comply with election laws. The enhanced app provides a legal disclaimer onscreen that donors can read and accept when giving funds.

According to the announcement, GoPayment is one of the first mobile payment offerings to provide this capability to political campaigns without requiring them to customize an existing app or create a new one. Not only does it capture legally required data, it also protects credit card data as soon as it is swiped through the GoPayment card reader.

"We saw a need to help fundraisers significantly increase their political donations, especially at events or when going door-to-door, when not everyone has cash or checks,” said Chris Hylen, VP and GM of Intuit’s Payment Solutions division. "We’ve enhanced GoPayment specifically for campaign donations."

Hylen said that with just one swipe, fundraisers can increase donations while collecting all the required information to help them meet their reporting requirements.

Free to download, and offering multiple free card readers for staff members and volunteers, the GoPaymetn app offers competitive, pay-as-you-go pricing or a monthly plan depending on a campaign's processing needs, Inuit said. The app and reader are available for iPhones, iPads and iPod touches and Android devices.

Along with multiple readers, staff administrators can monitor donations and trnasactions using an online dashboard. Additionally, volunteers and staffers can get donors to authorize transaction by "signing" on the mobile device. The donor can then get a text or email receipt that even includes the campaign’s logo, donation amount and a map of where the transaction took place.

Several campaigns around the country have begun using mobile POS systems like GoPayment to enable volunteers to collect funds using credit and debit cards. President Obama's reelection campaign, as well as the presidential campaign for Governor Mitt Romney, have given staffers Square's mobile POS to collect funds.

For a look at Intuit's GoPayment product including screenshots, visit our slideshow.

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