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Every September, carmakers from Detroit, Tokyo and Stuttgart roll out their new cars. Most years, changes are simple tweaks: a wider tail lamp, a bolder grill, maybe a new sound system. But once in a while, a model is completely redone, from tires to roofline.

That kind of stem-to-stern makeover is what we've given Kiosk Marketplace. We hope you like it as much as we do.

Tom Harper, publisher
Of course, we were pretty fond of the old one — and judging by the numbers of visitors each month, many of you were, too. But it was time for a massive refresh of the site, one that not only modernized the look of what greets you on the screen, but also improved the working of its inner parts and database back end.

For one thing, the volume of traffic was straining the old architecture and the servers that housed it. Security was outdated, and too often bandages that fixed one errant link created others. The effort to keep the site functioning properly was beginning to distract us from Job No. 1: covering the kiosk industry as no one else online or in print can.

Some attributes we are especially proud of include:

  • More modern design, which will make it faster to find what you need
  • Easy-to-use "Quick Info Supplier Request" boxes throughout the site
  • New classifieds section
  • Improved discussion forum
  • More powerful site search

It was time for a massive refresh of the site, one that modernized the look of what greets you on the screen, but also improved the working of its inner parts.

And we're not finished yet. Watch in the near future for rich media banners and the addition of video and audio content that takes advantage of the best the Internet has to offer.

Conventional wisdom among carmakers is that a new model is never really proved until it's in the hands of the drivers who live with it day to day. We hope that as you click around the site, you'll take time to tell us what you think. Please contact us with any questions or comments. We'd love to hear from you.

Now, feel free to take her for a spin.

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