Booths to look for at Self Service Expo
Businesses shop tradeshows for competitive advantage Self-service is no longer an infant concept. The public at large knows, recognizes and (largely) embraces self-service technology. In fact, it has begun to demand it. A survey of consumer attitudes conducted earlier this year by Opinion Research Corp. and commissioned by NCR Corp. found that 43 percent of respondents chose one provider of goods or services over another simply because it offered self-service. As the fall trade show schedule heats up, businesses will be shopping for technologies and services that will help them press their advantage over competitors that are selfservice "have nots" and set them apart from other self-service "haves." We've put together a short list of vendors and suppliers that will exhibit at KioskCom's New York Self Service Expo to help attendees of that show make the most of their time. — Shawna Miller
3M Touch Systems Booth # 321 MicroTouch touchscreen technology and interactive displays from 3M offer self-service applications two popular touch technology solutions: ClearTek II capacitive and DST (dispersive signal technology). Available in sizes ranging from 46 inches to 64 inches, these robust technologies are ideal for unsupervised environments that require fast, reliable touch response, surface durability and operation unaffected by screen contaminants.
Apollo Display Technologies Booth # 334 Apollo supplies and integrates all the components necessary for plug-and-play digital signage, including TFT LCDs, Mercatus multidisplay advertising units, PRISMA II controllers for full-motion video, Artista controllers for still-frame graphics and ArtistaControlCenter software, which controls as many as 120 networked TFT LCDs with one client PC. Custom packaging and assembly.
Comark Booth # 610 Comark manufactures unique kiosk solutions for indoor and outdoor applications. Its systems are designed for ease of use and are configured with high-resolution touchscreen displays, performance processors and a variety of unique enclosure styles. Free-standing, desktop, pendant or pedestal mounting solutions are offered. Options include embedded printers, thermal control, custom paint and silkscreening for private branding opportunities.
Communication Technology Services Booth # 622 Communication Technology Services (CTS) is a nationwide installation services company with more than 17 years' experience deploying communications infrastructure. Hundreds of CTS' technicians located throughout the United States currently install and maintain thousands of kiosks, self-service devices and digital signage units across the country.
Corporate Safe Specialists Booth # 332 CSS provides innovative security solutions to convenience stores, quick-serve and fastcasual restaurants, pharmacies and specialty retail stores globally. CSS safes, smart safes and kiosks feature electronic or biometric locks and can be configured to provide closed-loop cash management processes to minimize risk of armed robbery, burglary and theft.
Diebold Premier Services Booth # 241 Diebold Premier Services provides installation and maintenance services to kiosk manufacturers and their partners. With a national service organization of 3,400 technicians; award-winning training, parts and logistics capabilities; help desk support and depot repair, Diebold delivers measurably successful service programs to ensure an outstanding customer experience.
Fivepoint | 5 Point Booth # 505 Fivepoint designs, develops and manufactures self-service kiosk products and offers complete services for organizations seeking new and innovative ways to connect with people. It offers a variety of standard, semi-custom and custom kiosks for indoor and outdoor applications.
Flextronics Booth # 234 Flextronics designs, builds and ships hardware and software solutions. With worldwide manufacturing operations and total supply chain management, Flextronics helps create tightly integrated processes and facilities around the world. Flextronics KioskFrameT offers security and reliability for applications running on the platform as well as a powerful development environment for rapid application creation.
Frank Mayer & Associates Booth # 413 Frank Mayer & Associates Inc. offers more than 20 years of providing kiosk and interactive marketing solutions to a wide range of applications and industries. Custom kiosk solutions cover a range of markets including general retail, automotive, entertainment, gaming and human resources. Many programs have been created for clients including BMW of North America, Nintendo of America, Microsoft Corporation and many more.
GA Services Booth # 231 GA Services specializes in installation, maintenance, remedial services and remote monitoring for the digital signage and selfservice marketplace. Providing a wide range of technology solutions, including on-site response, depot repair, staging, integration, installation, site survey, logistics and project management, it uses A+ certified field service personnel backed by a technical support-staffed call center.
ID Tech Booth # 423 ID Tech supplies and manufactures magstripe readers and encoders, barcode slot readers and smart card products, including card readers, credit card readers, swipe card readers, insert readers, contactless readers, PIN pads and USB smart card readers that are used in a wide range of applications requiring data collection and access control.
Infonox Booth # 433 Infonox provides scalable infrastructure to deploy, aggregate and manage transaction services. Its Active Payment Platform (APP) enables businesses to operate branded service delivery networks that are accessible from many platforms including ATMs, kiosks and mobile phones. Integrated products and services handle device management, application deployment and configuration, transaction processing, security, identity verification and much more.
Innovative Control Systems Booth # 431 ICS manufactures outdoor drive-up pointof- sale terminals for automated drive-thru. The Auto Sentry kiosk line can complete credit card and cash transactions as well as offer custom RFID payment options. ICS has a proven track record in transforming traditional business models into extremely efficient self-checkout systems that increase volume and reduce operational costs.
Innovative Office Products Booth # 431 Innovative manufactures space-saving mounts for monitors, kiosks and signaturecapture devices. Clean, attractive POS mounts help maximize counter space and secure IT investments. Custom projects are welcome. Innovative's national customers come from several industry verticals including retail, POS, hospitality and gaming.
Intelisys Booth # 200 Intelisys' Mobility Solutions provides to kiosk customers 360-degree telecom lifecycle management such as design, coverage matches, sourcing, connectivity, staging, deployment, expense and asset management, help desk and break/fix services. Mobility Solutions facilitates faster deployment via a one-stopshop approach to connectivity and coverage issues across geographies with customizable end-to-end management.
JCM American Booth # 609-611 JCM American is a leader in currencyvalidation systems. By constantly seeking to enhance its products and by adhering to the stringent standards set by government agencies and regulators, JCM provides secure unattended transaction solutions. The company is dedicated to providing innovative and effective currency validation systems.
KIOSK Information Systems Booth # 407 KIOSK Information Systems features a full portfolio of standard and custom designs, with extensive deployment experience in self-service vertical markets including retail, check-in, financial, ticketing, order entry, photo and security. Professional consulting services are available on hardware, software, field services and deployment considerations, providing easy navigation of self-service projects.
Livewire International Booth # 509 Livewire specializes in self-service solutions for the hospitality, gaming, transportation, retail and ticketing industries. Livewire provides integration with a multitude of devices such as kiosks, ATMs, digital signage and handheld devices, while providing the ability to remotely monitor each device and manage the content available from each unit.
Nanonation Booth # 515 Nanonation creates self-service software solutions, providing powerful ways to interact with customers. Its clients include the NHL's Minnesota Wild, Mazda, Burger King, Douglas Theatres and Petro Travel Centers. Through a multimedia-merchandising platform, the company can integrate multichannel digital media with a back-end that enables clients to monitor, measure and manage each customer interaction.
Netkey Booth # 207 Netkey's scalable, enterprise-class software platforms help improve the performance and reliability of customer-and employee-facing kiosk and digital signage systems. Kiosk and digital merchandising applications and management software include gift registry, credit application and authorization, product information, inventory extension and ecommerce, customer loyalty, human resources, remote device monitoring and more.
PanJit Touch Screens Booth # 600 PanJit Touch Screens designs and manufactures resistive and capacitive touchscreens, serving various market segments and applications including military notebooks/ tablets, GPS, industrial controls, medical IPC, kiosks, PC, POS and more. PanJit's Sunlight Readable touchscreen is made for outdoor applications, optimizing and customizing the optical characteristics of the touchscreen to reduce natural light reflection.
Parabit Booth # 421 Parabit is a turnkey kiosk manufacturer offering stock and custom designs as well as prototyping and mass production of kiosks. Kiosk design maintains a balance between design and serviceability. Parabit provides 24/7 installation, on-site service and remote tech support.
Pay-Ease Booth # 440 The Pay-Ease Automated Commerce Machine (ACM) is designed specifically to house the company's bill-payment processing software. By combining hardware, software, installation, service, maintenance, repair and accounting into one complete package, this turnkey solution reduces costs and generates a new revenue stream while promoting customer convenience.
PFU Systems Booth # 220 PFU Systems Inc.'s (PSI) parent, PFU Limited, holds the top share in the Japanese kiosk market and has extensive experience in hardware, OS, driver, application, manufacturing and deployment of server, RAID, PC and kiosk. Founded in 1997 as a wholly owned subsidiary of PFU Limited, PSI provides best-of-class kiosk and digital signage products.
Pitney Bowes Booth # 606 Pitney Bowes Multi-Vendor Services provides a full suite of offerings that include deployment and life-cycle maintenance programs for the self-service industry. Its 1,300 A+ certified technical professionals are skilled experts, creating a competitive advantage for its customers.
Provisio Booth # 208 Provisio's SiteKiosk Browser Software prevents unauthorized manipulations of public-access Internet terminals and PCs. Features include content filtering, many payment options, video and photo mail, skin design, security manager, remote management and monitoring (, management tool and database for Internet cafes (SiteCafe). Reality Interactive Booth # 601 Reality Interactive is a full-service kiosk development organization that specializes in technology and content design for deploying and managing kiosk and digital merchandising initiatives. Fortune 500 clients include BMW, Leapfrog, Bose, Polaris and other companies convinced of the value e-media investments at retail.
RESOLUTE TAP Services Booth # 608 Certified technicians install, service and maintain kiosks and self-service technology solutions throughout North America. RESOLUTE's Operations Center team keeps devices up and running with dedicated project management, remote monitoring and field support.
Rhombus Services Booth # 613 Rhombus Services has more than 2,500 skilled technicians nationwide in a network that covers all of North America. With extensive experience in field project process management, Rhombus provides manufacturers and retailers with a reliable and trustworthy partner in implementing national rollout installations, field service and preventative maintenance.
St. Clair Interactive Booth # 307 St. Clair Interactive, a pioneer in application development, custom device integration and user interface design, has more than 35 pre-built, rapidly deployable application software templates, remote management and content tools. St. Clair acts as consultant, systems designer and project implementation co-coordinator for large-scale touchscreen programs in North America, Europe and worldwide.
Seiko Instruments Booth # 427 Seiko, one of the most recognized business brands in the world, is a leader in thermal printing technology. Its complete portfolio of high performance kiosk printers includes the best-in-class CAP9000, the industry-leading platform for durability, reliability, performance and integration flexibility in receipt and ticket printing applications.
Self-Service Networks Booth # 615 Self-Service Networks is the leading provider of turnkey self-service kiosk solutions. Since 1996, it has helped a diverse range of companies improve overall performance and profitability by delivering rich customer-interaction experiences.
Source Technologies Booth # 213 Source Technologies' Concourse family of intelligent self-service kiosks and software automates customer interactions, cuts costs and maximizes customer satisfaction and loyalty. Source has deployed thousands of kiosks in financial institutions, retailers, utilities, governments and other businesses. comprehensive technology includes standard kiosks, devices and components, and a complete software platform engineered specifically for self-service applications.
Star Micronics America Inc. Booth # 520 Star Micronics offers a full line of thermal and dot matrix printers for kiosk applications. The TUP900 thermal kiosk solution brings the ultimate in flexibility and performance to kiosk printing. Its modular design eases integration with many kiosk configurations. Choose from thermal and dot matrix printers with autocutter and presenter options for maximum flexibility. Booth # 501 is an end-to-end infrastructure provider that develops retail solutions, digital signage, custom software applications, photo and digital imaging infrastructure. Products and services include online photo-ordering systems, photo kiosks, order-processing systems, printing systems, mobile imaging systems, remote-monitoring systems and distributed fulfillment solutions.
Stratacache Booth # 617 Stratacache provides digital signage and content distribution solutions and services. Its ActiVia for Media software helps deploy digital media networks and delivers dynamic messages and images direct to target audiences. Features include scheduler, reliable multicast and unicast distribution, management, monitoring and reporting with flexibility and scalability.
Telsource Corp. Booth # 31 Telsource manufactures and provides comprehensive network technology solutions nationwide for multilocation retail environments. Its LVS 3200 is powered-over- Ethernet and combines traditional self-service functionality with integrated voice and sound to provide an all-in-one interactive kiosk and call-box solution. Integrate voice functionality into existing applications or build new applications that provide unrivaled customer service.
Ventus Networks Booth # 227 Ventus Networks, a full-service telecommunications and engineering company, provides advanced, fully managed end-to-end global fixed wire and wireless private telecommunications networks. Ventus specializes in transmitting secure financial transactions and managing outsourced networks. As a Level 1 PCI/DSS/CISP-certified company, Ventus delivers peace of mind security for self-service kiosks, ATMs and POS terminals.

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