Pizza Pie bakes up ROI with loyalty kiosks

Kiosks in the restaurant sphere are a big hit due to their ability to draw in customers. One pizza franchise saw firsthand how effective a kiosk campaign can be when it helped drive a ROI of more than 2,000 percent.


Why choose retail kiosks?

Retail kiosks can offer benefits for both the customer and the merchant seeking to grow, providing everything from wayfinding and credit card applications to gift card vending and upselling suggestions.

Proactivite maintenance is the key to ATM performance

When an ATM fails, it can cost the operator a significant amount of time and money, not to mention the damage done to the operator's reputation. To avoid these headaches, financial institutions and third-party providers of ATMs should consider a move from reactive to proactive maintenance.

Loyalty kiosks reel in customers

Today, more businesses are turning to customer loyalty kiosks as the foundation of their loyalty programs because they not only facilitate signups, but also offer diverse functionality that engages members in multiple ways, helping turn one-time patrons into repeat customers.

Kiosks bring home the bacon: Top 5 stories July 2016

This July, McDonald's turned up the heat with virtual kiosks and robot powered kiosks turned it back down with frozen yogurt. These were just a few of the stories that debuted on Kiosk Marketplace on July 2016.

Restaurant kiosks serve up multiple demographics

QSR kiosks are all the rage these days, especially with McDonald's and other QSR giants jumping on the trend. Restaurant kiosks are now drawing in every demographic at a faster rate due to their ability to boost customer experience.

Contactless technology: cutting through the jargon

NFC, HCE, BLE: these are just a few of the confusing acronyms for new contactless technologies. It's time to set the record straight on exactly what these contactless terms represent, what the technologies do, and why there is confusion in the first place.

Kiosks soar into airports

Airports are notorious for poor service and long wait times. However, kiosks are flying to the rescue, providing faster service, entertainment, goods and in one case, life-saving lessons in CPR.

McDonald's brings virtual reality to light

McDonald's just completed a makeover of a Singapore location and it is using virtual reality kiosks to show off all its improvements.

Custom kiosk apps build better ROI

The best customer experience is a customized experience. Thus, custom kiosk applications can help craft the ideal customer experience that delivers an impressive ROI.

3D printers craft gourmet pizza

In the past, 3D printers have crafted toys and car parts. But now, one company has created the first 3D printed pizza with 80-year old yeast. It is also working on a 3D printing kiosk that can crank out one pizza every 60 seconds.

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What is Mobile Device Management?

Mobile device management, or MDM, is an IT industry term for a particular type of software solution. Its device management tools allow for the administrators of a computer network to collectively manage the resources which are made available to any connected mobile devices.

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Sponsor: KioWare

Trends in Retail Displays

More and more, retail displays are seeking to create a multisensory experience to get their message across.

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Sponsor: Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc.

Kiosks Enhance the Guest Experience

PROVISIO’s SiteKiosk software is driving hotel kiosk projects in Spain, Latin America and around the world.

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Utility Payment Self-Service Kiosk | Sunson Tech Ltd.

Utility payment self-service kiosk can be used in several places for helping customer to pay their utilities bill at any time and in a nearby location using new service to replace the traditional way for paying such utilities.

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Prepaid Card Issuance Kiosk | Sunson Tech Ltd.

- Prepaid Card issuance and Utility payment self-service kiosk

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Mobile Charge-Up Kiosk | Sunson Tech Ltd.

This mobile phone charge up kiosk acts as a charging terminal where the customers can charge their mobile phones.

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Sponsor: Sunson Tech Co. Ltd.

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