Virtual concierge offers VIP customer service

Virtual concierge kiosks are on the rise, because with advancements in video conferencing quality and the proliferation of personal internet connected devices, the possibilities of what can be accomplished with virtual concierge kiosks are seemingly endless.

Choosing and sourcing quality kiosk components part 2

Last time, we discussed how to choose the right kiosk components for a project. This week, we conclude with the second stage of kiosk development and component selection: sourcing the actual components to be used in the final design, and the choices that will need to be made around these decisions.

Sunson Tech | Overview

Sunson Tech Co. Ltd is a high-tech company professionally engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing special peripherals (input devices) of ATM, kiosk, self-service terminals, Ultrasound etc. Read more to learn about all our services.

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Innovative tech powers restaurants

Tablet kiosk ordering, mobile payments and digital signage are all key technologies that are driving the restaurant industry, and they show no signs of slowing down.

Build a menu, get a free Spanish lunch

Normally there is no such thing as a free lunch, but a touchscreen display in downtown Madrid offered free lunches to participants who could create their own menus in less than a minute.

In-store Digital Deployments | ebook

Your playbook to creating relevant, contextual, and personalized experiences.

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Omnichannel doesn't mean identical

When it comes to the ATM market or any tech area, 'Creating an identical customer experience across all channels is impossible. And here's another thing: It's not necessary, either.'

ICX Symposium: the new emotional retail economy

The ICX Symposium in Atlanta later this month will feature a session featuring two executives from MaxMedia addressing retail's emotional economy. ICX Association Executive Director Scott Slucher interviewed the duo about the emotional truths of customer engagement.

Hospitality kiosks make everyone happy

Hospitality kiosks have been deployed in a variety of venues including bill payment, wayfinding, loyalty programs and more. If used properly, hospitality kiosks can harness the tools of technology to make everyone happy, including the much sought after demographic: the millennials.

Who moved my kiosk?

Even if you have the best kiosk in the world, it will be a disaster if it arrives at a retailer broken or heavily damaged by rust. You don't want to answer the question, "Who moved my kiosk without protecting it?" Thankfully, there are a few protocols to follow to avoid that situation.

ICX Symposium: Chick-fil-A, Fiserv, HomeDepot.com execs set to talk future of CX

At the ICX Symposium in Atlanta later this month, attendees will get to hear from execs from three major companies talk about new technology and how it will bring about the future of customer experience. ICX Association head Scott Slucher interviewed the trio about what to expect.

Successful kiosk deployment in a crowded marketplace

It can be difficult to grab the eyeballs needed to make a kiosk profitable. However, there are three tactics that can help improve your chances.

ICX Symposium: Moore's law ushers in future of customer experience

Moore's law is transforming the world of retail and food. The future is here, and the time to prepare is now. The Interactive Customer Experience Association plans to host 'Inflection Point: The Future Tech of Customer Experience,' to help get B2C brands ready for the future of customer engagement tech.

Digital signage: the ideal partner for retail kiosks

"Pop-up" kiosks have become the latest trend in retail. Digital signage is acting as the ideal partner to these kiosks by acting as a virtual salesperson to explain the product and guide purchasing decisions.

I've got my eyes on you, kiosk: analytics and location

When it comes to analytics, you also have to consider the critical topic of location. You need to follow your customer's footsteps to deliver a truly successful kiosk deployment.

Kiosk printers move to 3D

Until recently, kiosk printers were limited to receipts and other 2D items. Now, the sky is the limit with 3D printing enabling countless possibilities from toys to prosthetic limbs.

Wayfinding kiosks raises transportation IQ

Travelers expect instantaneously information. Slow, inaccurate and outdated information simply will not suffice. Wayfinding kiosks and signage are helping raise transportation's IQ.

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Movistar calling on digital signage, kiosks to upgrade customer experience

Telefonica-owned South American communications network Movistar is rolling out Zytronic Projected Capacitive touch sensors to deliver an interactive multimedia experience at stores and kiosks in South America, according to an announcement from Zytronic.

New report forecasts airport kiosk market

Transparency Market Research has released a new report forecasting trends in the airport kiosks market from 2015 to 2022.

Heckler Design expands kiosk offerings for iPad Pro

Kiosk manufacturer Heckler Design has announced it is expanding its WindFall product line to include stands, frames and kiosks for the iPad Pro.

Chase rolls out self-service teller

Chase has rolled out a new self-service kiosk teller to act as an ATM, cash recycler and debit card embosser.

BIXOLON to display printers at Apps World 2015

Receipt, label and mobile printer manufacturer BIXOLON recently displayed its range of products and its new mobile hub solution at Apps World 2015.

Kiosks trade keys for likes

Tampa, Florida, residents will able to get a free key over the holidays from MinuteKEY kiosks in exchange for liking the company on Facebook.

Vehicle mounted computers power manufacturing, drive mobile kiosks

The IT company has announced its new line of vehicle-mounted computers, which can be utilized on forklifts, clamp trucks, cranes and other rugged environments. It can also be utilized as a mobile work station kiosk.

Virgin Australia soars into check-in/bag-drop kiosks

Virgin Australia plans to roll out new check-in and bag-drop kiosks. The bag-drop kiosks are designed to be converted from a self-service solution to a manned check-in station per customer convenience.

Star Micronics working with Paypal to showcase new POS printing tech at Apps World 2015

Point-of-sale printer manufacturer Star Micronics will be joining with payment provider PayPal to unveil its new POS printing solutions including Bluetooth enabled printer, digital receipting service and more.

Tupelo plays to tourists with iPad kiosks

Tupelo, Mississippi, plans to provide information on all the city's attractions and restaurants with new iPad kiosks deployed at seven hotels throughout the area.

New airport scanner collects fingerprints and passports

Biometrics company DERMALOG has announced the launch of an airport scanner that collects both passport data and fingerprints. It is designed to be integrated with kiosks, electronic gates and border control.

Sunshine Coast delivers tourist information via touchscreen

Sunshine Coast, Australia has now installed touchscreen kiosks around caravan parks to deliver information to visitors and give local businesses an opportunity to advertise their products.

Best Buy rolls out hi-res listening stations

Best Buy has rolled out new Hi-Res Listening Stations, developed by Sony Electronics, to 80 of its home technology design stores, the Magnolia Design Center.

New Nintendo Amiibos arrive at retail kiosks

Fans of Nintendo's NFC enabled figurines will be able to see new ones at select retail kiosks.

Cincinnati deploys kiosks for birth and death certificates

Cincinnati recently deployed several kiosks that allow residents to apply for birth and death certificates offsite from the Vital Records Office.

Redbox offers free movies for 'America's Movie Night'

On Nov. 16, Redbox will present America's Movie Night, an event that offers kiosk users a free movie.

Touch sensors craft multimedia experience at South American stores

Moviestar, a communications networked owned by Telefonica in South America, is rolling out new touch sensors to craft more exciting and interactive experiences at stores and kiosks.

Nebraska city school board rejects kiosk/signage offer

The Plattsmouth, Nebraska Board of Education recently voted down a proposal to deploy informational display boards throughout its middle and high schools.

Pennsylvania borough to activate parking kiosks on Veterans Day

Lansdale, a borough in Pennsylvania, plans to get new parking kiosks online in time for Veterans Day.

3D printing kiosks arrive at Best Buy

Now, select Best Buy customers will be able to see 3D printers in action with new 3D printing kiosks designed as a partnership between kiosk manufacturer Frank Mayer and Associates Inc and ROBO 3D.

University of Memphis to receive license renewal kiosk

The University of Memphis is deploying a license renewal kiosk on campus to help increase student access to license renewal services.

Shaq-A-Claus delivers Toys For Tots at Toys R Us

Former NBA player Shaquille O'Neal is putting on the red and white to become Shaq-A-Claus for Marines Toys For Tots. Toys R Us shoppers will be able to view and print his list at in-store kiosks to see toys to purchase and donate for the cause.

Cloud-based platform turns 80-inch touchscreens into giant iPads

Mac users can now create tablet-type content and sync it with 80-inch digital signage displays from Sharp.

Ohio BMV deploys vehicle-registration kiosks

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles has recently deployed nine kiosks as part of a pilot program that enables residents to renew their vehicle registration via kiosk.

AR digital signage kiosk goes to the Smithsonian

Augmented reality and natural UI developer Zugara's augmented reality patent for virtual dressing room technology recently was selected by the U.S. Patent Office for the Smithsonian Innovation Festival.

Kiosk delivers nail painting

Soon, customers will be able to get their nails painted while they are shopping thanks to a new kiosk.

Red Robin deploys tabletop tablets to corporate restaurant locations

Red Robin has recently deployed more than 20,000 tabletop tablet kiosks to all of its corporate restaurant locations to allow customers to peruse the menu, pay for their meal, rate the service and more.

Computer manufacturer releases line of rugged PCs

Computer manufacturer Logic Supply has launched a new line of rugged commercial off-the-shelf PCs designed to withstand extreme conditions including temperature swings, moisture and high levels of shock and vibration.

Health care kiosk shares patient stories

Research suggests that when going through an illness it is helpful to hear other patients' stories and share your own story. One company is attempting to address that need with a health care story kiosk that will allow patients to hear stories from those going through similar illnesses.

Dublin Airport deploys passport kiosks

The Dublin Airport has recently deployed automated passport-control kiosks as part of a partnership with biometrics company Daon.

New Hampshire city installs parking kiosks

The city of Keene, New Hampshire, has recently deployed new parking kiosks in Keene's Commercial Street lot to replace its traditional parking meters.

Payment services kiosk voted 'Best New Service' at Corporate Entrepreneur Awards

The Western Union Company was awarded the 'Best New Service' Award for its self-service bill-payment/money-transfer kiosk system, which has been deployed at more than 7,800 Walgreens.

Tablet kiosk firm imageHOLDERS releases new enclosures

Tablet kiosk manufacturer imageHOLDERS has announced the launch of eight new enclosures for tablet kiosks.

POS printer manufacturer enables customer engagement

Point-of-sale printer manufacturer Star Micronics has unveiled a new feature to its digital receipting service AllReceipts to allow retailers to engage their customers with promotions.

Kiosk manufacturer develops automated retailing systems for trade shows

Kiosk manufacturer AVT Inc. has announced it is developing a new automated retailing system for trade shows to reward participants and provide companies with customer analytics.

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