McDonald's brings virtual reality to light

McDonald's just completed a makeover of a Singapore location and it is using virtual reality kiosks to show off all its improvements.


Kiosks soar into airports

Airports are notorious for poor service and long wait times. However, kiosks are flying to the rescue, providing faster service, entertainment, goods and in one case, life-saving lessons in CPR.

Custom kiosk apps build better ROI

The best customer experience is a customized experience. Thus, custom kiosk applications can help craft the ideal customer experience that delivers an impressive ROI.

Top 5 kiosk stories: June edition

This month the top stories addressed topics that included keeping outdoor kiosks safe, marijuana kiosk operation and the question of whether kiosks will replace employees in restaurants.

Digital signage crafts ultimate Happy Meal for QSR

Most customers choose the drive-thru when going to their local QSR. Thus, digital signage can help provide the ideal experience to craft the perfect Happy Meal.

Keeping an eye on your kiosk with remote software

Businesses are continuing to tap into the gold mine of kiosks. However, unmanned self-service devices can be difficult to maintain and protect. Remote management software can help solve this problem in five key ways.

Kiosks turn down the heat with frozen yogurt

With summer heat on the rise, people begin flocking to frozen treats for relief. One company is offering a kiosk solution that vends frozen yogurt with several flavors and toppings.

Video: Retailers dive into technology at Interactive Customer Experience Summit

The Interactive Customer Experience (ICX) Summit featured almost three days of education, networking and tours.

Jessica Alba's company takes retail by storm

Previously a purely e-company, The Honest Company has moved its environmentally friendly products into kiosks and retailers. CEO Brian Lee gives the rundown on how he and actress Jessica Alba made it happen.

Check out highlights from ICX Summit in Dallas

The 2016 Interactive Customer Experience Summit featured almost three days of education, networking and tours.

The quest for kiosk software

Finding the right software is crucial for your kiosk or digital signage deployment. You need to consider user interface, component integration and security when selecting your software platform.

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Trends in Retail Displays

More and more, retail displays are seeking to create a multisensory experience to get their message across.

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Utility Payment Self-Service Kiosk | Sunson Tech Ltd.

Utility payment self-service kiosk can be used in several places for helping customer to pay their utilities bill at any time and in a nearby location using new service to replace the traditional way for paying such utilities.

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How to Leverage Your Company’s Brand Value as Promotional Incentives

Join us for a discussion with Blackhawk Engagement solutions, that outlines how to use brand value — like physical and digital gift cards — to help grow your sales.

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Prepaid Card Issuance Kiosk | Sunson Tech Ltd.

- Prepaid Card issuance and Utility payment self-service kiosk

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Mobile Charge-Up Kiosk | Sunson Tech Ltd.

This mobile phone charge up kiosk acts as a charging terminal where the customers can charge their mobile phones.

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Insurance Self-Service | Sunson Tech LTD.

The insurance self-service kiosk acts as an insurance agent to direct your clients to buy insurances in the whole process.

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