The kiosk solution to cyber attacks

Hackers are gradually becoming more successful, especially with ransomware, which has forced several hospitals to pay bitcoin ransoms. One way to help solve this security dilemma is to use cyber security kiosks.


Kiosks offer fundraising solutions

We hear plenty about kiosks for commercial applications like retail, healthcare and hospitality, but what about leveraging the benefits of kiosks for not-for-profit endeavors? Kiosks can offer a variety of solutions for non profit fundraising.

Kiosk news top 5: May edition

This month, our top stories examined cannabis kiosks, QSR kiosks and kiosk problem-solving. And one asked whether restaurant kiosks are designed to replace workers.

Building outdoor kiosks to last

Outdoor kiosks can serve customers 24/7 but they can also be vulnerable 24/7. It's important to keep these tips in mind for an outdoor kiosk that's built to last.

Kiosks win big at ICX Association awards ceremony

Kiosk deployments won big at this year's ICX Association's Elevate Awards 2016, honoring businesses on the cutting edge of customer experience technology.

Remote kiosk management best practices

A routine remote update for a Kansas City smart kiosk led to users being able to access the desktop and play Solitaire. The kiosk managers got lucky this time as no one did any permanent damage, but you can't rely on luck. This could have been prevented with some good practices for remote kiosk management.

Target empowers self-service wellness

Target has launched new wellness centers that enable customers to manage their health on their own smartphones or through various self-service devices. It is reformulating health care by making it a consumable retail product.

Why restaurant ordering kiosks won't replace employees

As QSR giants begin to deploy order-taking kiosks, some people are asking whether the devices will replace employees. With questions like this, it's important to keep the role of the restaurant kiosk in mind.

Vending kiosks: the latest trends

Vending machines are not just for snacks anymore. From marijuana to umbrellas, they are pushing into new industries.

Coloring outside the lines of ATMs

We expect every ATM to offer a traditional level of service. But perhaps, we can color outside the lines and produce a unique picture of ATMs.

Internet of things empowers wayfinding

Indoor wayfinding can still be a challenge. However, with new beacon technologies, retailers can provide wayfinding solutions while gathering valuable analytics.

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Touch solutions for retail industry

GT provides reliable and high-efficient touch solutions for retail-relative equipments. Application: POS terminal, portable POS tablets, Self-service kiosk.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: GeneralTouch Technology Co.

Title: World Leading Touch Solution Provider

General Touch Co., Ltd, founded in 2001, located in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, is a world leading provider of touch solutions, which has been engaging in research and innovation of touch technology since established.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: GeneralTouch Technology Co.

Three Indications You Have Chosen the Right Service Provider

Choosing a service organization to support your product can be challenging. Sometimes, cost takes precedence in deciding who will represent your company to end users. In this white paper, I’ll offer what I believe are the three most important factors to validate you have chosen the right service provider for your needs.

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Sponsor: ServRight

Improving the Kiosk Experience with Analytics

The odds of success for a kiosk deployment can be greatly improved though the smart use of analytics. Those analytics don’t have to be confined to touching the device.

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Sponsor: Meridian

Connectivity for Content Delivery

Connectivity is the ‘unsung hero’ of digital signage, enabling the inherent benefits of the medium, delivering the right message at the right time, in the right location, to the right audience. Media delivery, file forwarding and system monitoring all depend on taking a reliable, scalable and cost-effective approach to connectivity.

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Sponsor: Microspace Communication Corp.

Why kiosk service and support is critical for real kiosk success

Partnering with established firms yields peace of mind, minimizes loss and builds consumer trust.

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Sponsor: FUJIFILM North America Corporation

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